Straight Steal Of Home: It’s A Louisville Thing (Video)


I love all of the sports at the University of Louisville. All of them. I must admit there are some I love more than others. U of L Baseball is at the top of that list. Baseball is the American past time. I love the University of Louisville. When you take the two and put them together it just makes sense. My dad took us to Baseball games growing up. My Grandparents took us to watch Baseball growing up. I was on the State Champion T-ball team at Auburndale (Cheap Pop). It has always had a special place in my heart.

I was sitting at Jim Patterson Stadium last year when I seen something I had never seen before in my entire life:

It was magnificent. It embodied everything I loved about Baseball. The strategy, the confidence and the speed. Corey Ray made magic on the base pads that day. As I sat with my wife after we calmed down over the walk-off win I said “that is something we will probably never see again”. Fast-forward to yesterday. I am standing right behind first base. Talking to the fellas as we notice Logan Taylor was leading off a little too big. Then it happened as we all screamed in horror. NO, NO, NO….YESSSSSSSSSS!

Now I know it wasn’t a walk-off straight steal of home but it did occur in a pivotal point of the game, but it did end up taking the air out of Wright State. You may have seen this more often than I have also but to me it was a thing of magic and I look forward to next year to see when Devin Hairston attempts it.


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