Terry Rozier: Rebounding His Spot

Terry Rozier UNC

As a Celtics fan there is nothing more I love than finally drafting a Louisville guy. For years it was uk guy after uk guy after uk guy. You get the picture. It was June 24th, 2015 and I was at my parents house for our weekly family dinner. I rushed to the living room to see when we picked. The names on the best 10 available were Montrezl and another PF that I believe was from Cal. The pick came in. I had just listened to reports that said: Terry Rozier has fallen deep into the second round. So it was a shock to me not because of his talent but because of the experts. We selected Terry Rozier with the 16th pick of the NBA Draft. It finally happened.


The next day came and the Celtics were the most criticized team from the draft. Bleacher Report slammed and criticized the move. You could tell this wasn’t going to be an easy road. I knew if anyone was going to make it though it would be Rozier. His story that we heard before he came here let me know he was built tough. He had a rough road so far this season. He was sent to the D-league multiple times this year. Many people would have given up. Not Terry Rozier. We are heading towards the playoffs and who is finally starting to make waves? You guessed it: Terry Rozier. You have to be able to maximize on opportunities. When Jae Crowder went down with an ankle injury, Terry came in and made a difference. I know what you are saying if you don’t follow him closely. Wow! he must be scoring a ton of points! That’s the surprising part though. Terry is making a name for himself doing the other thing he did well at Louisville, rebounding. I will be watching the rest of the year wishing for nothing but the best for the Celtics and my Cardinal Forever as well. I am glad he is finally showing the world what I knew all along. This kid can play!

Here is what Terry had to say before the C’s faced off against Orlando:

“I think it just shows my toughness,” Rozier said before tipping off against the Orlando Magic Monday night. “If guys feel like I can rebound and they put me in there to rebound it, I’m gonna get the job done.”

Celtics Head Coach: Brad Stevens

“That’s a big deal for our team,” said Stevens. “Our rebounding has not been our best strength for this entire season.”

(From NBA.com)

Rozier has corralled 17 rebounds during the last five games, including nine on the offensive end. For a five-game span that may not sound impressive, but it certainly is if you take into account that he’s only played 60 minutes during that stretch. That translates to 10.2 rebounds – including 5.4 offensive boards – per 36 minutes.


Go C’s! (Celtics & Cards)

(Quote Credit to NBA.com/Celtics)

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