Featured Friday Fan Photo


James and Rebecca are raising TJ right. Start ’em young I always say.

Want to have your picture featured on CSZ? You can send me your pics on Twitter @uoflnunn or you can email them to me at csznunn@yahoo.com. If you send it via Twitter, be sure to tag the photo with @uoflnunn and @cardsportszone. Please include the first name(s) of the people/person in the photo. Last names and ages (kids) are optional. Also tell me a little about the photo. (i.e. Where and why it was taken)

All you have to do is send me your photo and the most creative one will be featured in a Friday post. Once I receive enough photos I will make a video/slide show of all the pictures. You can also send me video clips of someone cheering or celebrating U of L. If you record it with your phone make sure you turn your phone long ways so I can use it in the video. Taking a video or picture up and down on your phone does not fit within the screen when making a video/slide show. Thanks!


As Always, GO CARDS!

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