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As you can see has evolved a lot in 4 and a half years. As awesome as that logo was the day Adam Lucas made it for us the one we have now is just as awesome which was made by our guy Tim Haag. A lot has changed. We have different members now on the site than we did when we started. We have a radio show and a podcast now that we didn’t have. We have contributors now and we didn’t before. Paige left and came back! After all of the changes, one thing has remained the same, the support we have received from you the readers. Today at we will reach a milestone of epic proportions. We will have the most site views in a single month in site history. What makes that more special than the obvious? The prior #1 & #2 were during huge news months. This was just CardNation being CardNation and getting behind  something they believe in and love and supporting it and we will never forget it. We know you have other choices and we love those guys as well. Keep supporting us all because we all work hard. We want to thank Mike Rutherford, Crums Revenge (legal name), Mark Blankenbaker, Jeff Greer, Kenny Klein, Rocco Gasparro, Howie Lindsey amongst many more who have been there to mentor us and help us get to this point. We also want to thank the former members of the site like State Runner-Up & Doss Head Coach Tony Wiliams and our prior editor-in-chief (sounds right) Justin Renck for walking with us and next to us from pretty much day one. Justin from day one and Tony a few months later. We are also convinced all of the basketball success is all because of the creation of CSZ. OK maybe not but it is a coincidence. We just want to tell you we love and appreciate you guys. It’s a CardNation love fest here at the moment and I love it.


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