Michigan’s Final Four Hero Spike Albrecht: Louisville Cardinal?


Do you remember Spike Albrecht? I do. Me and Steve and my family were sitting in the Georgia Dome at the Final Four in 2013. We were in the 3rd deck on the side:


Not an awful view at all. The awful part was that there were Michigan fans all around us. Ok it wasn’t too bad but they were very obnoxious. Sound familiar? Trey Burke got his second foul and in comes this tiny guy. Well he was tiny from where we were sitting. The guy next to us proclaims: “Well this is over, this guy hasn’t played 3 minutes the whole year” It was Spike Albrecht. For that day he was their Luke Hancock. Shot after shot, big moment after big moment. He…made…it! Of course the guys next to us were getting in our face and asking how could their scrub be doing this to us and then Luke happened:

Just like that, in the blink of an eye….well you know the rest. I know you are saying “Jeremy, what in the world does this have to do with Spike being a Louisville Cardinal?”

Wouldn’t that be a great story to hear over and over about in the tourney this year? Lose in the Championship game to start your career for one team and play for the other in your senior year in the championship game and win. Is Spike in the Cards at Louisville? Will Louisville Basketball receive a Spike in Offense this season? Have I used enough witty but possibly bad puns this paragraph? You be the judge. Listen to Steve Rummage on Mid-day with Marques Maybin today from 10-12 on ESPN 93.9 The Ville and stay tuned to CardinalSportsZone.com today for some big news for the site.

Also there is this:

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