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The closer we get to football season a few things start to happen. More new polls come out. (Don’t worry, we won’t show you the ken’s back yard pre-season top 25). The excitement starts to pick up. This year, more people beginning to talk about Louisville Football has been added into the mix. Which has also added to the excitement. We are currently planning a Clemson trip and I am looking forward to that immensely. Watson vs Jackson. Almost sounds like a presidential debate but trust me these two will not bore your pants off. Light them on fire maybe but not a bit boring. The entire ACC Atlantic for that fact has focused on Offense this Spring. Let’s take a look at a few teams and what they are focusing on according to Joedy McCrary from the Associated Press.

Louisville: Coach Bobby Petrino said Lamar Jackson, a dual-threat QB who rushed for 186 or more yards in each of the last two games last season, showed improvement in his decision-making and in his throwing accuracy. “I’ve always felt like preseason polls and early season polls are based off how you finish the year and what you have coming back,” Petrino said, “and obviously Lamar finished the season very, very strong.”


FSU: The Seminoles groomed their eventual replacements for Maguire, with redshirt freshman Deondre Francois and freshman Malik Henry showing promise. Fisher said all three have talent and “you have a lot of scrimmages and things to put in place, and whichever gives us the best chance to win will be the guy who plays.”


Clemson: Swinney said Mike Williams — who suffered a season-ending neck injury while scoring a touchdown on the first series last year — went through skeleton drills this spring while working on his timing with Watson, and “if we were playing a game today, he’d play. He’d be ready to roll.”


Boston College: The Eagles brought in Scot Loeffler, who coordinated offenses at Virginia Tech, Auburn and Temple, to run an offense that averaged just 275 yards and 17 points last season. “Football is attention to detail and being a great fundamental football coach,” coach Steve Addazio said. “Scott is all of that.”


Those are just a few of the excerpts from the story that you can read in its entirety here. I am sure you are asking yourself something after the view I have chosen to post. Clemson? I get it. FSU? I get it. Boston College? I don’t get it. I will be happy to explain it to you. I wanted to see what they were saying about the addition of the great one Patrick Towels. Nothing at all. I am sure they just forgot or it’s because uk beat us on Basketball or something. Nevertheless, it should be a great season for Offense in the ACC Atlantic and for your Cards overall.

GO Cards!

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