Is The ACC Moving Towards A Nine Game Conference Schedule?

Louisville ACC


The ACC Network has been a hot button topic as of late. With the member institutions wanting to make as much money as possible, things are been discussed on just how to attain this goal. One thing that has been discussed in depth is the nine game conference schedule which would be a one game increase. How would that help you may ask? It would be one more game against a school in your conference. More money for your conference schools and if the quality of the league is high, it is another way to build conference prestige. This isn’t the first time that increasing the number of conference games has come up:

The conference last addressed the eight/nine football question at its 2014 spring meetings, and it was a most lively debate, with the status-quo eight prevailing 8-6. Virginia Tech athletic director Whit Babcock, mere months onto the job, voted with the majority, his Virginia counterpart, Craig Littlepage, the minority.

If you click on that link you will see a bevy of information. I highly recommend you checking out the story. There is no doubt that the ACC network would put the conference in front of more people and help build prestige. It looks like a 9 game schedule would also increase the frequency of match ups between the opposite divisions teams. For example, we don’t even play Virginia Tech for the first time until 2020, a mere 6 years after we enter the conference. They are the closest ACC school to us. We would have Virginia plus 2 more Coastal division teams. Instead of it taking 6 years to play everyone from the Coastal, we would see every team within 3 years. I like that. So here is hoping for a 9 game schedule and it being a gateway to the ACC network. Go Cards!


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