Bob Burdi’s Touching Words

(Via AdamLucas Designs)
(Via AdamLucas Designs)

The following was posted on my Facebook page by my guy Bob Burdi, father of the 100 mile per hour boys. I thought it was share worthy. He talks about the kind of person his son is. From all of the interactions I’ve had with him,  it’s easy to see how both of his boys turned out so well. Great guy. They have represented or university well. Enjoy the read!

From Bob Burdi:

As many of you know, Zack was fortunate enough to be drafted by our Chicago White Sox! I can not tell you how proud I am of Zack. All his hard worked paid off for him. As happy as we were on Draft night, Sunday was a different story. The Louisville season ended with Zack on the mound! Heartbreaking to say the least.


After that game Zack did something that showed me that he is the man I knew he was.


After the team meeting, he came back out greeted the small kids that wanted his autograph and answered questions about the game. Zack easily could have “dodged” the media and hid until the heat died down. He chose not to and for that reason Zack has his Father’s respect and admiration! Imagine that, the boy who I have spent my whole life trying to show him the “right way” to do things has my respect and my admiration. I love this kid! I hope we all can learn that when things don’t go our way, we still have to do the “right thing” no matter how painful!


In addition, the people of Louisville are some of the most compassionate people I have ever met. The passion they have for their sports teams is immeasurable.


More honorably they love their athletes more! Instead of turning their disappointment in the outcome of the game on Zack, they embraced him, consoled him and thanked him for his effort. For that I will always be grateful to these fine people of Louisville! Great town, great university, great people!


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  1. Louisville Baseball will have a hole in it’s heart that will never be replaced with the loss of the Burdi Boys. I’ve been a fan for the last 5 years. I only know the team with either Nick or Zack closing. I always thought the Jaws music would be appropriate as they took the mound. lol We will follow their bright futures in the minors and the majors. Hope to see Bob and Debbie in the stands again soon! Great family!!!!!

  2. As the old saying goes “the apple(s) didn’t fall from the tree”. The Burdis and all 3 of their sons are fine people.

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