Zack Burdi Talks


There is no doubt that yesterday’s finish is one that we will never forget. It was heart breaking for us and even more so for the players and coaches. The guy who finished on the mound will undoubtedly feel like the results were all his fault. They weren’t. Baseball is agame of good bounced, bad bounces & just plain weirdness at times.

Zack Burdi is THE best reliever in college baseball and shouldn’t be treated any other way. I haven’t seen anyone being ignorant towards him but I’m sure some were. We all wanted to know what our guy was thinking and feeling. This morning he tweeted:

Thank you Zack for being a great example for CardNation and being a pro on and off the diamond. We are only sad there aren’t any more Burdi’s to come & close for the ville. Lol. It was a pleasure covering your collegiate career from start to finish. Good luck in Chicago.

Go Cards!

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