Huge CSZ Lineup For July 2nd


We at & the Cardinal Sports Zone Radio Show, brought to you by Doug Budd at Red Edge Realty &, do not like to ever look over a show. We are in fact NOT looking over the June 25th episode of the Cardinal Sports Zone Show hosted by Steve Rummage on ESPN 93.9 FM The Ville. This however is a very special edition we will bring you. On July 2nd we will bring you the people behind the AFRO Academy. We will welcome: Lavell Boyd, Deion Branch, Arnold Jackson, Mario Urrutia & Ibn Green into the 93.9 studios and we will talk football ALL DAY (hour) LONG. Over 800 receptions, 10,000 yards receiving and over 100 Touchdowns between the AFROs who will be on plus Lavell has made Steve and Jeremy honorary AFRO’s so their stats are included. Do not forget to tune in though, 10 am on 93.9 FM. If you can’t get to a radio then please do one of the following:

  • Get on your TuneIn or iHeart app
  • Listen to us live at this link:
  • Call in and avoid using your data! Use ESPN Audio NOW: dial 605-477-9680

Thanks for tuning in every week and DO NOT miss this episode.

Go Cards!

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