Michael Boykin Will Play For Louisville

Michael Boykin


The original story below was posted when Boykin committed in the 2016 class before heading to JUCO. Still very excited this young man will make it to Louisville. Boykin re committed to Louisville today.

CardNation as a whole has been on pins and needles as far as waiting on the status of the Manbeast Michael Boykin. A lot of people like to compare him to Lorenzo Mauldin. I agree and disagree. I like to think of Boykin as an example of what would happen if you gave Lozo a mean streak. Put some Michael Josiah in with Lozo and you have got what I believe Boykin will be. We finally got the good word yesterday:

(Click below for the story)

Great news for us here in CardNation….better news for Mr. Boykin. I have very high expectations for the young man and I do not expect to be let down. Good luck & Go Cards!

For those not familiar, here is a clip of his body of work. Nice work to the fine people of Auburn for breaking him down.

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