Pitino Responds To Calipari Comments

Villanova v Louisville


Coach Rick Pitino went on 840 WHAS this afternoon and was asked about Coach Calipari’s inflammatory comments from last week that were a blatant shot at Rick Pitino. Here are his responses:



That is all for now. We are still waiting for Swaggy P to come out and when he does I hope he takes no prisoners. We got a small taste today. This is not a UL/uk thing, this is Calipari always being a Jack*** thing. Go Cards!

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  1. That’s why he “cal” is like the rest of those fans
    they’re heartless & gutless just like a “CHEAP” used car salesman – capable of convincing himself and selling you a crappy product i.e 1 and dones
    Mr Pitino – and all other Card fans – are like Lamborghini dealerships we want to sell you on our university
    Since there football team is TERRIBLE they have nothing as a ” Wildcat fan ” to look forward to till Oct. that’s why he trying to keep them in any conversation no matter how ridicules it is
    It must suck to be them !!!!!!!!

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