Teddy Bridgewater Working Out With Antonio Brown


We all have social media. It’s one of things for me a blogger that helps get info. Some people think it’s creepy, some think it’s awesome and then some think it’s both. Nothing warms my heart more than a Teddy Bridgewater story. Then couple it with the fact I see him in the videos on my favorite receiver Antonio Brown timeline and it’s a jackpot. If you follow Antonio Brown on Twitter (@antoniobrown84) or snapchat then you know he plays hard and works even harder. I hope for Teddy to get even an ounce of AB’s work ethic and Teddy will be next level quickly. Trust me, I know Teddy works hard but AB is the best in the world in my opinion when it comes to off-season conditioning. Maybe that’s debatable. Then again, maybe it’s a product of the creepy, amazing exposure of social media.

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