Crums Revenge: GameDay


Hi my name is Jeremy. I enjoy watching highlight videos about the University of Louisville. In the past few years one guy has made it almost impossible to even click on another person’s work. This one guy can leap over a building & is faster than a speeding bullet, maybe. He is the one and only Crums Revenge.

He made me a little nervous Saturday for a very good yet superstitious reason. Normally at the site of a big game we run into each other unplanned. Final Four: check. National Championship: check. Sugar Bowl: check. Cases to prove this point: Atlanta kickoff: didn’t see him. Clemson last year & FSU the year before, same. So when I didn’t see my little buddy Saturday I was worried sick. Then the game started. My nerves were quickly eased as I felt confident from the first touchdown that we wouldn’t look back. Let me get back on topic though.

Crums promised us an epic video journey and he delivered. He always does. It befuddled me that he doesn’t do this for a living. I cannot wrap my head around this. He is happy doing what he does so who cares? If you aren’t already, follow him on twitter: @CrumsRevenge. This video was the greatest. Because like Ali, Crums is the greatest. I hope you enjoy: GameDay

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