Is Louisville Better Than Clemson?


If you read any college football or ACC social media sites you still see Clemson fans lashing out and belittling Louisville. For the life of me I couldn’t figure it out. I keep thinking, ” Dude, you won. It’s over. Take care of your business and you are in the playoffs. Stop worrying about Louisville.” I truly believe Louisville is the better team but it’s hard to argue that fact when they lost the head to head game. Maybe Clemson fans are starting to see that Louisville is better and that’s why they are being so bitter or maybe because that idea is starting to become the national perception. Here is an ESPN article by Jared Shanker discussing if Louisville is better despite the loss.

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  1. Clemson fans belittling Louisville? You must be kidding. The Clemson fans respect the Louisville football team. It is the Louisville fans Clemson fans don’t respect, after several uninterrupted weeks of whining from the Louisville faithful. All that talk about the yard marker must be based on some sort of alternate universe, because in the real universe, James Quick didn’t choose to run out of bounds, he was forced out of bounds by Clemson defender Marcus Edmonds. Edmonds positioned himself perfectly and Quick couldn’t have gone around him on the inside or the outside. Edmonds made the play, it wasn’t about Quick making a poor decision because he didn’t know the line to gain.

    Two weeks of that nonsense is what raised Clemson fans’ hackles, not disrespect for the Louisville team.

    Are Clemson fans upset by the “is Louisville better than Clemson” talk? Not really. When we see Louisvile fans themselves making those kind of claims, it is annoying because it really comes across as not giving credit where credit is do. It’s sour grapes. Louisville fans are the last people in the world who should be saying such things. As far as the sporting press is concerned, I don’t think Clemson fans are too concerned about it. The press doesn’t have a stake in the matter, and if their objective opinion is that Louisville might be the better team, so be it. The sporting press’s assessment doesn’t bother us too much because at the end of the day, it is Clemson that won the game, that beat Auburn, FSU and everyone else they have played, and Clemson that is on track for another ACC championship and another appearance in the CFP.

    Clemson doesn’t worry about the critics, they just keep silencing them by winning.

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