Nunnsense: Sorry Watson, Any Other Year And It’s Your Heisman

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Sometimes it’s not how great you are but rather what year you are great. It’s my opinion that Lamar Jackson will easily win the Heisman trophy and if not for Lamar then Deshaun Watson would win. Sorry Deshaun, you were born in the wrong year. Another obstacle that hindered his chances were expectations. He had a great year last year and was third in the Heisman voting thus he was a preseason favorite for the Heisman. All eyes were on him from the first snap of the year. Lamar entered the season as a young quarterback on the rise but nobody expected this. Lamar held 100-1 Vegas odds to win the Heisman in May. He currently is at 1-30.

The national consensus is that Deshaun is not having a great year. Well, it’s not great if you compare it to Lamar but if you compare it to his stats from last year then he is having a better year . Last year after 10 games Deshaun Watson had passed for 2601 yards, 23 TD’s, 8 INT’s and rushed for 5 touchdowns. This year through 10 games he has 3077 yards, 27 TD’s, 13 INT’s and rushed for 378 yards with 2 touchdowns. Lamar Jackson through 10 games has thrown for 2898 yards, 27 TD’s, 6 INT’s and rushed for 1334 yards with 19 touchdowns. ( keep in mind that Lamar has not played in the 4th quarter of several games)

Being from Kentucky coupled with my love for horse racing, I find it only fitting to compare Jackson to Secretariat and Watson to Sham. Most people don’t know Sham but everyone knows Secretariat. Secretariat was the first horse to finish the 1 1/4 mile Kentucky Derby in under two minutes. In the 1973 Ky Derby, Secretariat won and Sham finished second. In that race, Sham became the second horse to ever finish the Ky Derby in under two minutes. Sham also finished second to Secretariat in the 1973 Preakness. Sham was simply born in the wrong year. Any other year he wins the KY Derby and most likely the triple crown.

Another notable athlete that was great in the wrong year was Peyton Manning. Manning lost the Heisman in 1997 to Michigan’s Charles Woodson after an incredible senior year.  Manning was runner-up to the first and only defensive player to win the award and don’t get me started on defensive players. Jabrill Peppers is a great player but you can’t compare stats of a defensive player to an offensive one. There is no quantifiable value that you can assign to a sack or interception so that you can fairly compare them to a touchdown or passing/rushing/receiving yards. Maybe that’s why there have only been 12 defensive player to finish in the top 10 of the voting since 2000. If Gerod Holliman didn’t get a sniff of the Heisman after he ties the NCAA single season interception record then no defensive player should ever win. (Bitter?)

So I say Sorry Deshaun, it’s just not your year for the Heisman Trophy. But you did win the head to head battle in Death Valley, you most likely have a spot in the playoffs and you will be playing on Sundays next year. Congrats on a great career but Lamar Jackson is bringing the Heisman back to Louisville.

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As Always, GO CARDS!

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