Nunnsense: What In The Wide Wide World Of Sports Is Going On Here?


Let me get this straight. A former Wake Forest player that later became an assistant coach lost his coaching position when a new head coach was hired. The University thought enough of this guy to give him a cushy job as the color analyst for the broadcasts of Wake football games. For three years, while taking pay from the University, this guy was giving the Wake Forest plays to opposing schools in attempt to sabotage his University? Seems odd but OK. Whatever.

As of right now Louisville is the only school implicated as receiving plays even though this guy starting distributing plays or game plans all the way back to 2014. It seems as though the media is trying to find something to bury Louisville.  Louisville had an employee go rouge and all we heard is how Louisville is a bunch of cheaters. Wake Forest has an employee go rouge and all the media is saying is that Louisville cheated. Seems like there is an ulterior motive within the media or there is actually really no big story with this Wakeyleaks so they are just being lazy and riding the narrative of the basketball scandal. It’s no secret that most people outside of Louisville have a major dislike for one Robert Patrick Petrino and would love to find something, anything, to nail him. Personally, I see nothing wrong with using info given to our staff from the opposing team. If anyone from Louisville sought out this information and used it then I see a problem.

Regardless if Louisville is right or wrong in this situation, I am growing tired of always defending my University. It seems it’s always one thing or another that has me acting like a defense lawyer to people outside of the program. Every situation that has come up over the past few years I can and have found a way to justify or explain. Clint Hurtt and Bobby’s past transgressions happened at other schools. Chris Jones was falsely accused. Charlie Strong was gone when the news broke of his affair. Pitino made a bad decision in his personal life as well and that led to an extortion case. That was not a NCAA violation but yet again it brought negative attention to the University. The recent basketball violations cannot be defended but there were plenty of inaccuracies and bad information that needed to be refuted. Most of us did our best to stand behind our beloved University but it’s starting to wear on me. This time it’s not about what the situation is, it’s the fact that there is a situation. It seems that the  University has adopted a win at any cost mentality  and it’s destroying our reputation. I want to celebrate the Heisman and the major football recruit that committed last night. I understand that in any relationship there are highs and lows but enough is enough and right now it’s hard work to be a Louisville fan.

Don’t get it twisted. I am and always will be loyal to the University of Louisville. I will always support our coaches and staff but I will not hold back if I feel that they are not doing their job to the level of their pay grade. I feel Jurich needs to act swiftly and relieve Galloway from his job. Jurich always says they are transparent and likes to get in front of any situation that arises. Well, this happened 2 months ago and nothing was done or said about it until it reached the media. The details of Louisville ‘s involvement are as transparent as the Ohio river. Just like everything else we have gone through, I will endure this too but I feel the need to let it out and release the frustration that has been building up. It’s perfectly fine for you to let it out as well. Let it out, feel better and let’s get back to talking about actual games and cheering our student athletes to victory.

As always, GO CARDS!

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