The Nest Ep1: No Blue Friends


Last night we recorded the inaugural episode of the Nest. The Nest will come to you whenever LJ feels like producing it. (His words) Myself & LJ got together one day because him & a few of the other contributors were wanting to come on the radio show and talk sports. We don’t normally have a ton of extra time plus the other contributors didn’t have enough experience. I suggested for him to host a CSZ affiliated podcast since he had experience. The rest is history. He suggested a few people to be on the inaugural edition, I said yes to everyone but Nunn. He invited him anyways. We hope you enjoy The Nest and be patient because LJ is very bossy in the studio and mutes Krueger (rightfully so) multiple times. In our first episode we talk the Basketball rivalry. LJ, Paige, Justin & Jeff tell you about their first memories, who they think need to step up, their X-factor, MVP’s and much more!  Give it a listen, you won’t be disappointed!

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