Nunnsense: Q&A With Louisville Basketball Signing Class of 2017, Part 1 – Lance Thomas


Happy New Year and glad you all made it to 2017 safely. If you are a regular reader of Nunnsense, then I want to say thank you and this year I promise to give you even more of my thoughts, opinions, facts, videos, pictures, interviews and everything Cardinal related. I’ll do my best to entertain and inform you. Now let’s get down to business.

The University of Louisville basketball team has signed four players in the 2017 class. They are Malik Williams, Darius Perry, Lance Thomas and Jordan Nwora. That quartet is ranked as the 7th best class according to 247sports. These guys were all hand-picked by Rick Pitino because they are Louisville type guys and they fit the system he likes to play.

I would love for all Cardinal fans to get to know these guys a little better. Over the next couple of weeks I will bring you interviews with some of them.

Photo: Campus SportsNet

First up, Lance Thomas.

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Lance is currently a senior at Norcross High School in Norcross Georgia. According to, Lance is rated as the #1 Power Forward in GA. and the #16 Power Forward in the country. Lance is rated the #76 prospect nationally by 247sports. He officially visited Louisville on October 22nd, committed on October 30th and officially signed on November 9th. He also took visits to and considered Florida, Miami and USC. Corey Evans of says ” Thomas, a mix and match forward that can do a bevy of things on the playing floor, is someone that should grow nicely within the confines of the ACC program. While his immediate presence might not be felt for another year or two, the word most tossed around with the Peach State native centers around potential and upside. While he isn’t a great jump shooter or a low post asset, Thomas is the perfect, new era small-ball power forward that can defend different spots, rebound the basketball, and also score it from 15-feet and in.”

Q & A with Louisville commit Lance Thomas

JN: Sites have you listed at 6’8”, 6’9” and 6”10”. How tall are you really?

LT: 6’9

JN: It was reported that you made the final decision to attend Louisville and then you consulted with your mom before making it official. Always smart to get moms approval but was there anyone else who helped in the decision making process?
LT: My Unc C-Lo
JN: How old were you when you dunked on a 10 foot goal for the first time?
LT: 13
JN: In late October you had an official visit to Louisville followed by a visit to USC. Were those the final two schools or was Miami and Florida a factor? How close were you to choosing USC?
LT: Everything was close until I seen Louisville and felt what I felt in that visit.
JN:How do you feel about clowns? Scared at all?
JN: How do feel about coming in with Darius, Malik and Jordan? That’s a pretty good group to be included with.
LT: Really good. Darius is a close friend of mine and me and Jordan got close over the summer at camps and me and Malik became close after our visit.
JN: Would you rather have a game winning block, make game winning shot or have a Sportscenter worthy dunk?
LT:Game winning shot for sure.
JN: Louisville runs a very up-tempo style and that my allow you to play inside as well as outside as a wing or stretch forward. Where are you most comfortable playing or where is more natural for you?
 LT: That wing spot is where I’m comfortable. I workout a lot on my post game and outside game but the outside game is what comes the most natural and easiest.
JN: What are your favorite NFL, NBA and MLB teams?
LT: Giants, Cavs, Yankees
JN: What jersey number would you like to wear as a Cardinal and does it have any significance?
LT: Number 1
JN: Do you think a hot dog is a sandwich?
LT: No LoL
JN: How often do you get messages or emails from people thinking you are Lance Thomas of the New York Knicks?
LT: Very rare. I’m better than him.
JN: I’m sure you have heard about Pitino’s strength and conditioning program. My guess is Pitino will try to bulk you up but has he given you a weight or a BMI number that he wants you at when you arrive on campus?
LT: No he hasn’t but I can’t wait.
JN: Most points scored in a game?
       Most rebounds in a game?
       Most blocks in a game?
       Most dunks in a game?
LT: Points: 30 Rebounds: 17 Blocks: 11 Dunks: 4
JN: Muhammad Ali is Louisville’s greatest hero. His recent passing, while sad, really educated the younger generation of how great he was both in and out of the ring. What did you learn about Muhammad that you didn’t already know?
 LT: He was supposed to go to the army. I didn’t know that.
JN: What are the 3 most played tracks on your MP3 player or IPhone and who is your favorite artist?
LT: As of right now, Offset-Ask Somebody Lil Uzi- Grow up Young Thug- Guwop, Favorite artist is J Cole.
JN: What talents or hobbies do you have outside of basketball?
LT: I play chess.
JN: Do you have any superstitions or routines that you must do before a game?
LT: I pray before every game. I have too.
JN: Give me one interesting fact about you that not many people know.
LT: My mom is from England
JN: Louisville is known for the dunk. We actually keep stats on dunks. What dunk could you do during a game that could bring the YUM Center to their feet?
LT: One leg tomahawk from a step inside the foul line.
JN: You can say anything you want to all of Card nation. What would you like to say to them?
LT: I love you guys already and I can’t wait to fill the YUM Center.
Photo: HoopsSeen
As Always, GO CARDS!

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