Louisville Appeals Part Of NCAA Ruling

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The University of Louisville has until August 9th to file its written response to the NCAA Infractions Committee. Louisville will do so and will appeal the financial penalty and the vacation of records ordered in June by the NCAA’s Committee on Infractions. “U of L also told the NCAA that it wished to have the organization’s Infractions Appeals Committee hold an in-person hearing instead of basing the appeal only on written correspondence.” – Per the Courier-Journal.

From Jeff Greer’s article in the Courier-Journal – “Once it receives a school’s first appeal documents, the COI has 30 days to review and reply to U of L’s response.

U of L gets 14 days to rebut the infractions committee’s reply, then the NCAA enforcement staff has 10 days to weigh in. The university gets one final 10-day period to respond to the enforcement staff before the Infractions Appeals Committee sets a hearing date.

If the process takes the full 94 days, that hearing likely would be scheduled for sometime this fall.”

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