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The National Football League (NFL) has become America’s past time. The Superbowl is one of the most watched televised events year after year. The halftime show has become so iconic, that even Queen Bey herself (Beyonce) has paid to perform during it.

At the University of Louisville, we have the opportunity to cheer on a really good team every year. But we do not have a professional team in our backyard. So this gives us the unique chance to (almost) pick who our favorite NFL team is. Some of us have family ties to certain teams, others had a favorite collegiate player that they followed into their professional careers. Whatever the case may be, Louisville has a wide variety of NFL fandom roaming our streets.

What I love about this, is it gives fans the ability to still cheer whole-heartily for the alums of the Louisville Cardinal football program. You have Teddy Bridgewater playing for the Minnesota Vikings, and Devante Parker playing for the Miami Dolphins. These are two loved Cardinals who have drawn UofL fans to watch Vikings and Dolphin games. The Jets also have a lot of Cardinal blood in their locker room, Lorenzo Mauldin and Bilal Powell are just two of them. This season Elvis Dumervil will be playing for the San Fransico 49ners. The history runs deep, with no dip in sight. Below you will see a list (provided by Ty Yates) of all the former UofL players that are on a current NFL roster, and it is pretty awesome. The National Football League has taken notice of the talent that we get to see every Saturday and it is pretty great to get to watch these guys transition into playing on Sundays. So take notice of these names, write them down, and tune into a game whenever you can. I am sure they all still love and feel that Cardinal pride.

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