Louisville Officially Responds To The NCAA Appeals Panel

Photo: Louisville.edu

The University of Louisville filed the paperwork to appeal the ruling from the NCAA committee of infractions. In Jeff Greer’s article below, he says that “The school said it would accept several other penalties, including the NCAA’s docking of four men’s basketball scholarships over the next four years; a $5,000 institutional fine; and a requirement that prospects on unofficial visits stay off-campus.” Louisville also called the COI’s ruling “draconian, ” which is an adjective that means rigorous; unusually severe or cruel. I think we can all agree on that. Greer also states that “The COI had 30 days from Wednesday to respond to U of L’s appeal. After that paperwork is filed, U of L gets another two weeks to send a rebuttal. Then the NCAA’s enforcement staff has 10 days to add its reply before U of L gets 10 more days to counter.

The hearing in front of the appeals committee, a small panel of college and conference administrators and lawyers, will be set after the exchange of documents.”

Read the full article below for much more and some very interesting details that lead me to believe that the banner will stay.

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