Lamar Jackson’s Purdue Post Game Comments

Press Release

Rocco Gasparro

Louisville Football SID

(On third down conversions to Dez Fitzpatrick)

“Dez is an awesome player. We have been executing in practice the whole week. We knew they would run on third down, so I had to make a great pass and he had to make a great catch. Hats off to Dez.”


(On what makes Dez Fitzpatrick a great player)

“His speed, he runs nice routes. He’s great with option routes and his hands are spectacular.”

(On spreading out Purdue in the second half)

“We tried to put ourselves in a better situation. I felt that they kept clogging the holes and we could beat them outside. They kept putting their defensive ends and linebackers out and we just tried to execute and make plays.”


(On the two fumbles in the red zone)

“I was mad. Coach Petrino always puts in our head, ‘No turnovers and no sacks in the red zone,’ and we did not do a good job of that. We need to get back on the practice field and work harder at it.”


(On how tough it was to stay patient against Purdue)

“I just have to play my game. Try to win and not try to do too much. We just try to keep a good pace and score.”


(On Purdue’s energy level)

“They came out flying. They were trying to bring a lot of blitzes and get back to me, but my offensive line did a great job. I think we had no sacks, so our offensive line did a pretty good job this game. Hats off to Purdue, they did a great job.”


(On the false starts tonight)

“The penalties are what was killing us. It let Purdue stay in the game a lot longer. We are supposed to take the game in our hands but it happens. We can’t let it happen next week.”

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