Everything To Know For Game Day: Bag Policy, Tailgate Info., Etc.

CardNation, we’re in the final stretch till game day!!
In order to prep for tailgate and other game day festivities, I have put together a list of everything you need to know for game day!!

Let’s get started with the biggest change to game day operations… The CLEAR BAG policy.

The following bags are APPROVED:

Clear Bag

Bags that are clear plastic, vinyl and PVC are approved, so long as the bag does not exceed 12″ x 6″ x 12″.

You can find a clear bag with the Louisville logo at JD Becker and Cardinal Authentic. You may also find similar products at Dick’s Sporting Goods and Walmart.

One-Gallon Clear Freezer Bag

If you cannot find a clear bag, you can use a one-gallon clear ziploc freezer bag.

You can find ziploc bags at basically any grocery store or drug store.

Small Clutch Bags

You can take in a small clutch bag, about the size of a hand, with or without a handle or strap. The bag needs to be 4.5 x 6.5.

You don’t need to spend $88 on a Kate Spade. You can find affordable options at Target or Walmart.

Medically Necessary/Diaper Bag

Special exceptions will be made for those with medical concerns or for those with babies/small children.

Now onto the important stuff… Game Day Fun.

Below is the timeline for Saturday’s events:

4 AM – 5 AM: The College GameDay Pit Opens

Fans may begin lining up for the pit beginning at 4 AM. The pit will officially begin letting fans in around 5 AM.

  • Fans entering the pit will be checked by a security wand to ensure no contraband enters the area.
  • NO BAGS, BACKPACKS, etc. are permitted in the pit.
  • NO offensive, vulgar or solicitation signs will be allowed. This includes political, religious messages or signs containing a web address.
  • NO signs on a stick.
  • NO pens, pencils, markers or dry erase boards.
  • NO FOOD or drinks.

Get creative with your signs, but do not take it too far. So skip on the Trump jokes (as tempting as they may be), leave the potty words out. Go for funny, but not obnoxious. If your sign is funny, you’re more likely to make it on TV.

Limited parking will be available for those lining up for the pit. According to WHAS 11, there are about 600 spots available, free of charge, in the parking lot at 2545 South 3rd Street. Fans may park in this lot until 2 PM.

9 AM – Noon: College GameDay will be Live at Grawemeyer Hall

Get the full ESPN College GameDay experience by hanging out at Grawemeyer Hall (where The Thinker is located) during the broadcast.

12 PM – 7 PM: ESPN Radio GameDay in the Stadium

ESPN Radio’s College GameDay will be live from PJCS from 12 PM through 7PM. The hosts, Doug Kezirian, Brad Edwards and Trevor Matich, will be on set for the seven hour program. The set will be located just inside Gate 3 at the southeast corner of the stadium.

2 PM: Reserved Parking Opens

If you have reserved parking in the Green Lot or surrounding lots, you cannot enter until 2PM on Saturday, six hours prior to kick off.

However, Old Cardinal Stadium will be open bright and early. Come kick it with Red Rage Tailgate and MARTY PARTY (ESPN’s Marty Smith) as the Red Rage guys battle to win BEST Tailgate on SportsCenter.

2 PM – 7:30 PM: Nissan Heisman House

The Nissan Heisman House Tour is making a stop at Saturday’s game. The setup will be located in the Travis Roofing Supply parking lot (2931 South Floyd Street, across from the Green Lot).

Fans will have the opportunity to:

  • Register for Heisman House credentials, which allows fans to check in and instantly share their experience via social media.
  • Take photos with the Heisman Trophy
  • “Catch a Ride” with Heisman Winners in the all-new Nissan Rogue.
  • Virtually “paint” your face in your team’s official colors using the Diehard Fan app.
  • Vote for the winner of the 2017 Heisman Memorial Trophy.
  • Win prizes.

Former Louisville QB, Chris Redman, will participate in a Chalk Talk session with ESPN anchor Neil Everett. He will also sign autographs from 3:30 PM until 5 PM. Following Redman’s signing session, former WR Deion Branch will do a similar signing session from 5 PM until 6:30 PM.


Make sure you’re lined up to cheer on the team as they enter the stadium during CARD MARCH!!


After Card March, continue the party in the stadium during happy hour. Draft beers will be $3.00 and canned beer will be $4.00.

Specials are only available on the Norton Terrace.


I feel like I should not have to write this, but there’s always someone who stands out like a sore thumb in bright red or white.

If you don’t wear all black, a caller on 93.9 The Ville said he would “kick you in the throat.” I take that threat seriously. Getting kicked in the throat sounds less than pleasant. So, wear all black and avoid the throat kicking.


Again, this should not have to be written, but there’s always the person who refuses to cheer. Unless your voice doesn’t work or you physically cannot clap, you better be cheering.

Let’s make PJCS as intimidating as possible. Make it hard for the other team’s offense to hear play calls/counts.


I understand, as a Louisville fan, we LOVE our drinks. But, moderation is key, y’all. Don’t be the person who passes out under the stadium seats. You’ll kick yourself if you miss this game.


Y’all, ESPN’s College GameDay is HERE. The reigning Heisman Trophy winner is HERE. The reigning National Champions are HERE. It’s happening HERE. WE’RE on primetime ABC playing on the biggest stage. ENJOY it all.

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