Louisville vs Kentucky Wesleyan: Postgame Recap And Highlights

The Louisville Basketball team took the floor tonight in an exhibition game against in-state foe Kentucky Wesleyan. Louisville was expectedly too much to handle for Kentucky Wesleyan and won with a final score of 101-64.

Louisville was led tonight by strong performances from Ray Spalding (15 points, 7 rebounds), Deng Adel (12 points), Anas Mahmoud (20 points, 10/11 FG, 7 blocks), Quentin Snider (10 points, 5 rebounds, 5 assists) and Dwayne Sutton (13 points).

As a team the Cards shot 54.7% from the field, which isn’t too shabby for a game where everyone on the roster played equal minutes. However, Louisville went 0-11 from the 3-point line in the 2nd half after starting 7-10.

All things considered, Louisville and David Padgett have a lot to be excited about. It may not have counted towards their record, but the first one is in the books for this group and now adjustments/corrections can be made to prepare for the real thing. Basketball is back, CardNation, and though they aren’t there yet, this team has a lot of potential to be great.

Go Cards!


About Mitch Motley

University of Louisville student, Diehard Cards fan, Basketball Coach of the Louisville Spartans and St. Patrick Celtics

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