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Lamar Jackson

There is a very real possibility that Lamar Jackson could play his final game as a Cardinal in Lexington. I know it’s not what I want either but we must brace ourselves for that fact.  Selfishly, I want to see him play his senior year but the kid has given so much to the University and it’s fans,  I will support any decision he makes – He has earned it.

There are several scenarios that could happen but the one I hate the most is that Lamar walks off the C.M. Newton Grounds at Kroger Field inside Commonwealth Stadium, to a chorus of Boo’s because he just handed them another loss. Or even worse, the fans cheering because, despite Lamar’s efforts, our defense just couldn’t get the job done.

Scenarios for Lamar’s last game as a Cardinal

  • Louisville doesn’t become bowl eligible and he decides to enter the 2018 NFL draft.
  • Louisville goes to a bowl but Lamar doesn’t play to prevent injury and protect draft status.
  • Louisville goes to a lower level bowl and Lamar’s competitive juices refuse to let him sit out despite risk of injury.
  • Lamar decides to come back for his senior year and plays his last game in PPJC vs UK.
  • Lamar decides to come back for his senior year and plays his last game in a bowl game.

* Two of these scenarios would result in Lamar playing his last game in Lexington. 

There is still a lot of football left to be played this season but we are coming down the stretch and there will be all kinds of people in Lamar’s ear trying to tell him what is best for him. I feel confident that momma will be the most influential person in the decision-making process so the decision should be a well-informed one.

However, the recent trend of players sitting out their bowl games seems to be growing. And as easy as it is to say they quit on their team, it’s also very hard to fault a player for protecting their future. Millions of dollars could be at stake.

For Lamar, the current uncertainty of where he will go in the draft does not mean that he will not be signing a NFL contract. It’s almost a guarantee that a healthy Lamar Jackson will be drafted and playing in the NFL which means he will be making enough money to be taken care of for life. He is projected to be taken second in the mock Draft. He is projected as the first quarterback off the board in the latest mock draft. He is also not projected to be drafted in the first round and projected to be taken after teammate Jaire Alexander in a Bleacher Report mock draft.

No matter what Lamar decides, we as fans need to assume he will be taking his talents to the NFL and we desperately need to get out to our football stadium and support him for his last 2 home games as a Cardinal. I don’t care if you’re mad at the board of trustees or Papa John. You need to be bigger than them and get in your seat to show your appreciation to Lamar (and the senior class). Don’t buy any pizza at the stadium if you feel the need to boycott but don’t take out your frustrations on the student athletes, especially Lamar. Lamar has given us our only Heisman trophy and sadly the greatest team accomplishment he will have experienced is a Music City Bowl victory.

Lamar has produced stats that no other college football player has EVER produced before him. He is the best football player to ever wear the Red and Black, and the best college football player I have witnessed in my lifetime. We have no control over where he plays his last game but we can control his experience at what could be his last 2 home games.

As Always, GO CARDS!


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