Signee Breakdown: Dejmi Dumervil Jean

IMG_20171220_090150Photo Courtesy of Dejmi Dumervil Jean’s Twitter Account (@kingdez1k)

UofL signed a legacy recruit in Dejmi “Dez” Dumervil Jean. He’s the nephew of UofL legend “Kool” Elvis Dumervil. Unlike his Uncle, who used superior speed and pass rush moves, Dez is a giant who uses brutal power.

At 6’5 367 lbs, Dumervil Jean is a mountain among men. It seemed none could reach the summit when facing him. When watching his tape, he’s so large he nearly takes up 2 gaps by himself. Well, at least it seems that way.

Dumervil Jean is nearly unstoppable. In one highlight, he’s triple teamed by blockers, pushes them into the backfield, sheds the linemen like they’re little kids, and makes the stop. I’m not sure I’ve personally ever seen that. His power and strength are just so special.

Even if he can’t get through a block, he eats up so much real estate that he still disrupts the running game of opponents. He also requires a lot of double and sometimes triple team blocks which allow his teammates to make plays.

IMG_20171221_231009Photo Courtesy of Dejmi Dumervil Jean’sTwitter Account (@kingdez1k)

There’s really no finesse to his game. He’s all about physical domination and he does that well. He eats linemen for dinner and RBs for dessert. He’s like a black hole; if a RB comes in his orbit, there’s no escape.

He’s a pure run stopper. He’s the stone wall that no offensive running game can get over. Obviously if he gets his paws on a RB, they are going down to the ground.

The only issue he sometimes has is shorter linemen getting underneath him and neutralizing him by getting leverage. Dez will learn to get a little lower and leverage his size better.

There’s so much size and power in Dumervil Jean it’s fun to imagine how good he can be in a couple of years. I wouldn’t doubt he will get snaps as a freshman though. Dumervil Jean is a definite ACC caliber DL.

Check out his Hudl highlights below and see what you think.

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