Signee Breakdown: Thurman Geathers

IMG_20171220_083546Photo Courtesy of Thurman Geathers’ Twitter Account (@TJTherm)

UofL signed another DL for this class. Unlike the others who are versatile and can line up inside or outside, Thurman Geathers is definitely a DE, but could possibly be an OLB

Geathers is a tall, lanky 6’3 218 lbs and primarily plays in a 3 point stance. He’s a pure pass rush specialist. Geathers could stand to get a little stronger and I have no doubt he will get stronger with our strength staff.

Geathers primary weapon is speed off the edge. He accelerates unbelievably quickly. His highlights are amazing to watch. He’s so quick, blocking him is a chore. If he gets blocked, it takes a little work for him to shed it. That’s where I think building strength will help. Once he gets off the block though, it’s over. The QB is going down.

5155972Photo Courtesy of Rusty Mansell/247 Sports 

He didn’t show too many pass rush moves, but then again, he didn’t need to. His speed was just insane and OTs just couldn’t handle him. He did show a nice swim move to avoid a block though.

Geathers needs a little work, but goodness gracious that speed on an edge rusher is a weapon. Once he gets just a little stronger, we may have something special.

Coach Petrino finds diamonds in the rough. I wouldn’t say Geathers is in the rough, but he’s a potential diamond.

Check out his Hudl highlights below and see what you think.

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