Signee Breakdown: Jordan Travis

IMG_20171220_082915Photo Courtesy of Jordan Travis’ Twitter Account (@JTravis10)

3 Star QB Jordan Travis signed his Letter of Intent to play football at UofL. UofL got a player that appears to be a steal.

The 6’2 185 lbs Travis has moves like Lamar Jackson as a runner, but he’s a much more polished passer. Imagine combining Teddy Bridgewater and Lamar into one player. That’s kind of what Travis is.

He has unbelievable juke moves and cuts when he runs the ball. Once he gets free, he has breakaway speed. He’s not quite Lamar, but he’s a pretty special runner nonetheless.

travisPhoto Courtesy of Richard Graulich/Palm Beach Post 

However, his passing is what really excited me. Travis has a strong-arm which allows him to fit throws in tight windows and throw bombs down field. His touch on passes is really good; especially on deep balls. He’s able to float it right over DBs into the hands of his WRs.

The accuracy he possesses is quite something. To my eyes, Travis is highly accurate on short, medium, and deep passes. He’s also quite accurate throwing the ball on the move which can make him a great threat in a run/pass option play in the red zone.

He’s definitely a pass first QB. He’s constantly keeping his eyes down field trying to find someone open. He tries to stay in the pocket as much as possible. Travis is good at maneuvering in the pocket. And speaking of the pocket, he’s hard to sack. He escapes sacks like Houdini.

UofL hit a homer with Jordan Travis. It’ll be interesting to see if he develops into the big time player I think he can be.

Check out Jordan Travis’ Hudl highlights yourself and see what you think.

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