Signee Breakdown: Trenell Troutman

IMG_20171222_074355Photo Courtesy of Trenell Troutman’s Twitter Account (@FlyyNell)

Trenell Troutman was an excellent edition during this early signing period for UofL. Many Safeties are one dimensional. Either they are ball hawks that are great in coverage or hitters that are great in the box. Troutman is a safety that can do both.

UofL may use him at CB and I can understand why. He has good size, at 5’10 180 lbs, and coverage skills. However, his film is exclusively at safety so I will talk about his skills as a safety.

What I saw was a guy with Holliman-like ability to get interceptions. His eyes and quickness let him make great breaks on thrown balls. He either intercepts them, breaks them up, or lays a big hit on the WR. He’s just a magnet for the ball. He has great hands. This enables him to pick off tipped passes, high passes, and low passes. Once he gets them, he’s a danger to get a big return.

7533013-1Photo Courtesy of Andrew Ivins/ 

Troutman isn’t afraid to make tackles. He’ll come down in the box to help stop the run and he’s not a weak tackler. He gets RBs to the ground; a little like Hakeem Smith was in that regard.

Troutman is an excellent safety, but I can see him transitioning to CB. His ball skills and coverage are excellent and he has good size. I just love his ability at safety though. His eyes seem to see the whole field and he covers so much ground. His high school trusted him a lot. It was evident in the film as they used a lot of single high safety looks.

Troutman is going to be a good one. Lorenzo Ward has a great talent to mold and develop. His abilities will make the defense that much more dangerous.

Check out his Hudl highlights below and see what you think.

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