2017 University Of Louisville Football Early Signing Day Breakdowns

The guys did a bang up job the other day covering signing day. After a glitch to start the day, (not you Higgy this time) the guys were rolling! Thanks to Shawn (@Lvilleshawn ), Sam (@baseboy124) & Higgy (@the_Higggyy) for some research which made the day easy to follow for those of us who may or may not follow recruiting. It was a huge day! Shout out also to the coaching staff for brining in such a haul! Already one of the best recruiting classes ever and we have one more signing day to go! Here are the breakdowns from signing day. We hope you enjoy.

PS-I dont want to lie, it may have been Higgy lol

PSS- Click their names for the full breakdowns. you can also click the Twitter names to go straight to Twitter and follow!


Chandler Jones

Twitter: @1OfficialCJ


Mike Boykin

Twitter: @1_goat46


Robert Hicks III

Twitter: @1_Jetset


Jarrett Jackson

Twitter: @Jsavagee_5


Hassan Hall

Twitter: @_sayblackboy


Chatarius “TuTu” Atwell

Twitter: @c5_atwell


Marcus Riley

Twitter: @PrimeeTimee2


Jared Goldwire

No Twitter


Jatavious Harris

Twitter: @screamtaaye


Telly Plummer

Twitter: @tempp16


Allen Love

Twitter: @rfy_55


Dejmi Dumervil-Jean

Twitter: @kingdez1k


Adonis Boone

Twitter: @Ajb1_


Yasir Abdullah

Twitter: @AbYasiir


Trenell Troutman

Twitter: @FlyyNell


Quen Head

Twitter: @quen_42


Nigel Kilby

Twitter: @NigelKilby_82


Tyler Harrell

Twitter: @EasyMoneyTy_


Jordan Travis

Twitter: @JTravis10


Thurman Geathers

Twitter: @TJTherm


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