Nunnsense | Q&A With Louisville Football Signing Class of 2018 Part 1 – Jordan Travis


Photo courtesy of Jordan Travis

Louisville picked up another great quarterback when Jordan Travis signed during the early signing period. Travis is rated as the top dual-threat quarterback in Florida by He was named Palm Beach County High School Player of the Year ( Lamar Jackson won the award in 2014). He completed 130-of-213 passes for 2,190 yards and 24 touchdowns while rushing for 905 yards (on 70 carries – an average of 11.8 yards) and 16 more scores in his senior year. 

About finally signing, Travis told the Palm Beach Post “It feels good. It’s been a great six months. They’ve been committed to me the whole time and shown loyalty, so it feels great to sign the paper.”

  • Height & Weight: 6’3″ 185lbs
  • Nike Football Rating: 84.84
  • 40 Yard Dash: 4.68
  • Shuttle: 4.32
  • Vertical: 31.3

* Stats from Jordan Travis HUDL page.

Here is my interview with Jordan….

CSZ – What or who was most influential factor in your decision to commit to Louisville back in June?

JT– The influential factor was all the coaches making me feel like I was at home on my visit.

CSZ – The Palm Beach Post reported that you will not enroll early. Is that simply just wanting to enjoy the rest of your senior year of high school? For the record, I would do the same thing.

JT – At the school I attend, we are not aloud to leave early.

CSZ – When Florida came aggressively at you, at the last minute, were you insulted that you became a priority late or did it make your decision harder?

JT – I was pretty insulted.

CSZ – Who is your favorite Artist and what is currently your most played song?

JT – My favorite song is In case you didn’t know. But my favorite artist is drake.

CSZ – How do you feel about snow? You might see a little in the Louisville winters.

JT –  I have never seen snow so I’m ecstatic

CSZ – Do you enjoy throwing or running for a touchdown?

JT – I prefer to throw a touchdown to give another member of my team confidence.

CSZ – Does the label of a “DUAL-THREAT QB” bother you or would you rather be identified as something different?

JT – I have been called a “dual threat” my whole life.

CSZ – What color is your toothbrush?

JT – My toothbrush is green.

CSZ – Do you interact with Lamar or Jawon at all?

JT – No, I do not interact with them.

CSZ – Describe what it means to you and your teammates to win the Palm Beach County High School Player of the Year?

JT – It was truly a blessing from the man upstairs to even be in the running for this. I could not do it without my team and coaches.

CSZ – This is a standard CSZ question …. Do you think a hot dog is a sandwich?

JT – Yes. I do think a hot dog is a sandwich

CSZ – Do you feel that the Petrino offense will be tough to learn? Or is it close to Coach Kresser’s?

JT – It will be tough but I will work hard and learn.

CSZ – If you could be any superhero, who would you be? Why?

JT – I would be spider man because he can do everything

CSZ – Do you like boneless wings?

JT – Yes, I had boneless wings last night.

CSZ – Do you know any of your fellow signees? How close are you guys?

JT – I know Jarrett Jackson, we know each other pretty well.


Checkout Jordan’s HUDL highlight video 

As Always, GO CARDS!



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