Exit Interview With Louisville QB Jordan Travis

Louisville vs WKU (1 of 60)Louisville freshman quarterback Jordan Travis announced on Thursday that he was transferring from the program. I interviewed Jordan after he signed back in January and was excited to see him grow into the future leader of the program. Jordan appeared in 3 games this season (Indiana State, Georgia Tech, and at Boston College). His best game, statistically, was vs Georgia Tech where he was 4 of 9 for 71 yards and a touchdown.  As I have done with the last few Cards that have transferred ( Ja’Quay Savage, Traveon Samuel and Harry Trotter), I reached out and asked for an “exit interview.” Jordan agreed and here is our interview…

Louisville vs GT 10-5-18 (66 of 71)

Thanks for your time here in the Ville. We at CSZ appreciate your hard work and we wish you well wherever you decide to finish your college career. We also know that some school will be lucky to have a talent like you leading their team. Thank you for taking some time to answer a few questions for me and all the card fans.

CSZ:  In our first interview back in January, I asked what was most influential factor in your decision to commit to Louisville back in June. You said the coaches made you feel at home on your visit. Did you feel differently, or did they treat you differently when you arrived on campus after enrolling?

JT: It was definitely different then my official visit.

CSZ:  It was reported by other media outlets that you wanted to be closer to home. Since Florida made a late push to recruit you, is that the school you are interested in or is there another school you really want to play for? Maybe Central Florida?

JT: I was just very unhappy here.

CSZ: You informed coach Petrino of your decision to transfer on Tuesday. How did that conversation go? Did coach act surprised and was he supportive of your decision?

JT:The conversation was okay. He was pretty surprised, but was also supportive.

CSZ: There are several rumors for the reason of your decision to transfer, including playing time, direction of the program, home sick, possible coaching staff changes, just to name a few. Whatever the reason, nobody is upset with you for doing what is best for yourself but to end all speculation, would you like to address the actual reason?

JT: I was unhappy here.

CSZ: Did you have a conversation with Jawon or Malik before you talked to coach about your decision?

JT: Pum, Malik, and Sean are my boys. We talked everyday.

CSZ: Did the new redshirt rule play any factor in your decision to transfer before the end of the season since you have only played in 3 games?

JT:No sir, that did not play a part in my decision.

CSZ: You previously told me that you are close with Jarrett Jackson. Did you tell him you were thinking about transferring? If so, how did he respond?

JTI did not tell Jarret I was thinking about transferring.

CSZ: How difficult was it to learn the Petrino offense? Did you have it mastered?

JT: It was a tough offense to pick up on, but I was improving everyday.

CSZ: In the 3 games that you played in, what was the biggest thing you leaned?

JTIn those 3 games the biggest thing I learned was it’s just football. Don’t make it any bigger than it is. Everyone is here for a reason and just play the game.

CSZ: What was your relationship with your QB coach like? Was it what you expected?

JT: Not what I expected.

CSZ: If you could take 1 receiver from this Louisville team with you to your new school, who would it be? Why?

JT:  I’m taking all of them with me. It was a blessing to play and be around those boys.

CSZ: I know things haven’t gone like any of us expected this year but do you have any regrets signing with Louisville out of high school?

JT: I have learned many things here. I never regret any decisions I make. God does everything for a reason.

CSZ: Would you like to give a message or statement to all of the Cards fans? The floor is yours….

JT: I want to thank you for supporting me and cheering for me ever since I committed. Youguys are the one of the greatest group of fans in college football. It has been a rough season but the team really appreciates everything y’all do. God bless, and go cards !

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