Nunnsense | Q&A With Louisville Football Signing Class of 2018 Part 4 – Dez Dumervil-Jean

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Dejmi “Dez” Dumervil-Jean is a flat-out beast. For the next four years he will be clogging up the middle, taking on double teams and making running backs change direction. He is the nephew of Louisville Legend, Elvis Kool Dumervil. Dez hopes to someday have his name hanging in PJCS next to his uncles and I’m not betting against it. He isn’t resting on his name but rather wants to make a name for himself.† He had offers from Michigan, Michigan State, Mississippi State, Oregon, Purdue, South Carolina, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Boston College, Cincinnati, Illinois, Kentucky, Syracuse, UCF, Rutgers, Oregon State and others.



  • Jersey #: 59
  • Positions: DT, NG
  • Height & Weight: 6’6″ 405lbs
  • Powerball: 46
  • 185 Bench (Reps): 28
  • Squat(LBS): 475
  • Deadlift(LBS): 540

* Stats from Dumervil-Jean HUDL page



Here is my interview with Dez…

CSZ – †The name Dumervil is a very beloved name here at Louisville. Are you worried about being compared to your uncle or pressures of living up to his achievements?

DD -†Iím not worried at all. My goal is to be the greatest student athlete I can be at the University of Louisville.

CSZ – †You have been committed since June. Was there any doubt that you would end up at Louisville or did your uncle threaten to break your leg if you looked elsewhere?

DDNo, he didnít threaten me at all. I felt right in my decision and it was the best choice for me, my future and my family.

CSZ – †What are your expectations of playing time for next season?

DD Tobe on the field as long as I can and stopping the run on 1st and 2nd downs.

CSZ – Who is your favorite artist and what are the top 3 songs on your playlist?

DD-††Lil Uzi……. 1.dark queen 2. How to talk 3. Ready set go

CSZ – †You are listed at 6-foot-5, 357. Is that still accurate and what weight does coach want you to show up at when you arrive on campus?

DD-†No Iím 6’5″ 410 . Iím aiming to be 365-375.

CSZ – †When do you expect to arrive on campus?

DDI arrive the first week of June.†

CSZ – †Do you prefer to be called Dez or is that just what your friends call you? I mean, what do you want announcers to call you as you sack an opposing QB?

DDMy whole life my nicknames been Dez so I donít have a problem with Dez. Itís also easier to pronounce then saying Dejmi.

CSZ – †Fort Lauderdale doesnít see much snow or frigid temps. Are you ready for the cold Louisville winters and the possibility of snow?

DDWell, Iím used to snow. When I came to America, I Lived in Malden/framingham Massachusetts.

CSZ – †This is a standard CSZ question – Is a hotdog a sandwich?

DDIn my theory, any meat between a bun is a sandwich.

CSZ – What goes through your mind when you get double or triple teamed right after the snap?

DDKeep my gap, fight the pressure and look for the running back.

CSZ – †What was your reaction when Kentucky offered you a scholarship?

DDIt was kinda funny – they offered right after Louisville offered but I was blessed and humble to receive the offer.

CSZ – Do you believe there are boneless wings or are they really just chicken nuggets?

DDThey are chicken nuggets to me. Chicken gotta have a bone in it – itís a must!

CSZ – What aspect of your game will help this Louisville defense the most?

DDMy ability to absorb the double which clogs the middle and letís the linebackers free to run and make the play.

CSZ – How close are you with your signing class? You guys talk a lot or is it just the defensive guys that you talk to?

DDWe are†very close. We have a group chat – We talk to each other everyday.

CSZ – How old were you when you attended your first Louisville football game?

DD -††I havenít attended a game yet.

CSZ – Any guys of the team currently give you any advise?

DDNo, not yet.

CSZ – †How well did you get to know coach Sirmon?

DDNot that quite well but I mean heís gone. I wish him the best in the future.

CSZ – Any message you want to send to all of Cardnation?

DD Iím coming to get us a natty and to put my name and country that I am from on the map.

As Always, GO CARDS!


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