Exit Interview With Traveon Samuel

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First of all, I wanted to say thank you for all your hard work and dedication during your time here at Louisville. I’m sure I speak for all of Cardnation when I say we appreciate you.

I also wanted to say congrats on getting your degree. That is a great accomplishment and you should be proud.

Now for some questions…

CSZ – Was the main reason you transferred to be closer to home for your final season or were you seeking more playing time?

TSYes, to seek more playing time and set me up in a better position to show my talents. Wasn’t used to my abilities at UofL.

CSZ – Was Troy an easy decision because of the proximity to your family?

TSNo choice is easy to make when u trying to be in the position to showcase your talent. Troy just happened to be the place.

CSZ – Besides the return against Clemson, what was your favorite highlight on the field as a Cardinal?

TSBig 3rd down catch against Florida State last season to set us up for the winning field goal.

CSZDez is obviously going to be a superstar but what young receiver on this Louisville team has a chance to be the next great one?

TSJosh Johnson and Corey Reed are going to be  good. Also, Justin Marshall. Haven’t seen the incoming freshmen.

CSZ – I know you guys are all friends and brothers but did you get an autograph from Lamar before you left? Or maybe some sort of memorabilia to show your kids that you caught touchdowns from a Heisman trophy winner?

TSNo, I didn’t get an autograph but I have plenty memorabilia.

CSZ – This is a standard CSZ question -  Is a hot dog a sandwich?


CSZ – What are your goals for this season at Troy?

TS 80 catches, 1250 yards, 10+ TDs, Sunbelt champion, Sunbelt All-conference and more awards that come with it.

CSZ – How did the Louisville coaching staff react when you told them you were transferring?

TS – No Reaction. Haven’t talked to any of them at all …

CSZ – What is your favorite place in Louisville to eat dinner?

TSWing Station

CSZ – What was your greatest or most memorable off the field moment during your time here?

TSWhen I spoke at the Louie Awards on the team behalf for community service.

CSZ – Is there anything you want to say to all your Cardinal fans before we wrap this up?

TSI would like to say thanks to all Cardnation. It was a honor and a blessing to be a Cardinal. I was taken in with open arms and Louisville was like a second home. Thanks again. Go Cards?

Again, thank you for your time today and your time here at Louisville. We will be following you at Troy and beyond. We wish you well in whatever endeavors you embark upon beyond football.


Traveon Samuel

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