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The name Adonis Boone, or Dondeezy, is a name that every Cardinal fan will learn very quickly and never forget. A product of nationally recognized Daytona Beach (Fla.) Mainland high school, Boone originally committed to USF in late July but Louisville made him a priority and went after him hard. He flipped his commitment in September and signed in the early signing period. Boone was rated by most as a 3 star but we all know the coach Petrino cares not for the star ratings. When he sees talent, he goes after it no matter the ratings. In September, Bonne told Chris Hays of the Orlando Sentinel, “My junior year was my first year starting for Mainland and I’ve gotten better and better and I’ve gained 40 more pounds since the end of the season and I’ve gotten faster and strong too,” Boone said. “At the Nike camp [in March], that was my first time ever doing one-on-ones without pads, so then I was like, ‘OK, I can get use to this,’ so I kept progressing and progressing. I learned a lot about playing tackle from the camps.” So I guess this is the reason everyone says he has tremendous upside.

My take is that he will be great on the field and he will be loved off the field. He is active on social media and seems to be the type that is very fan friendly. I like to say that he will be beloved like Lorenzo Mauldin was and still is. Definitely one to watch.

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  • Jersey #: 74
  • Positions: G, T
  • Height & Weight: 6’5″ 285lbs 
  • 40 Yard Dash: 5
  • Vertical: 35
  • Powerball: 36
  • Bench: 320
  • Clean(LBS): 275

* Stats from Adonis Boone HUDL page


Here is my interview with Adonis Boone…

CSZ –  You were quoted as saying that you wanting to get out of Florida for bigger scenery as part of the reason you recommitted from USF and committed to Louisville. What else were the major factors in that decision?

AB I honestly felt a vibe like I did here at my old school, Mainland. The players relate to me and I’d wanna be around that. The whole scenery of Louisville hooked me in.

CSZ –  How influential were your parents in your decision to flip your commitment since you will now be a long way away from home?

ABMy parents didn’t play a major part in my decision to flip. After much needed prayer and re-evaluation I felt that it was best for me to go away and my parents were 100% behind it. The goal was to make it out.. I’ll feel That I’ve done so being in new surroundings.

CSZ –  What do you think is the reason so many Florida players are coming to Louisville? Is it because of the success of other Florida players that came here or is it just the style of play? Or something else?

AB Louisville has a history of having successful Florida athletes – other natives have taken notice. A group of us Florida boys on one team is dangerous. Florida football is fast and the Ville is a fast tempo team from what I see so that is big factor.

CSZ –  In your highlights, you tend to block until the defender is on the ground. Is that your goal on every play or is that just something that happens naturally?

ABFinishing my blocks has always been my mindset. If the man in front of me doesn’t reach the ground multiple times in a game, I feel that I’ve played poorly. My high school highlights prove it. If it was a key block and I didn’t finish him then It’s not going nowhere near the front of my film.

CSZ – Who is your favorite Artist and what are the top 3 songs on your playlist right now?

ABMy favorite artist – I would say is, Meek Mill. The top 3 songs on my playlist are Meek Mill- 1942 flows, NBA Youngboy – solar eclipse, and Meek Mill- we ball.

CSZ –  Is there a jersey number that you would like to wear or that is special to you?

AB The number 74 is what I desire to wear.  I’ve made a name in that number and I’d like to continue doing so.

CSZ –  This is a standard CSZ question – Is a hotdog a sandwich?

AB A hotdog is not a sandwich.

CSZ –  What is your expectations of playing time this season?

ABI expect to make an impact early so I’m working harder than ever to make sure I do and if it’s God’s will I will be in the lineup this season.

CSZ –  How is your relationship with Mike Summers?

AB – Coach Summers is a great person and I trust him as a coach to make me great the next 4 years. So far the bond is there and I expect it to increase with my time there.

CSZ –  How did you become so close to coach (Kolby) Smith?

AB – Me and coach Kolby relate. It’s like I can talk to him like how I would anyone of my boys around my age. He’s a genuine coach and I see it.

CSZ –  Most sites have you listed at 6’5” and weighing in at 285 lbs. Is this still accurate and is there a wight this coaching staff wants you to be when spring ball starts?

ABI’m accurately 6’5 280- Although I feel as though I am growing even more. They haven’t given me a specific weight but my goal is to get to a lean 315 and still be as athletic as I am.

CSZ – What would you be SO embarrassed to be seen wearing (but secretly love)?

AB LolI’m not sure man!

CSZ –  While I was reading up on you, I kept seeing the phrase “ tremendous upside.” Does that feel like an insult or do you take that as a compliment that your future is bright because you keep getting better?

ABI take it as a compliment that the word is I have a “tremendous upside.” People that know me, knows how far I came. I progress rapidly - Always looking to find ways to get better. I see myself being great.

CSZ –  I know you were a big priority to get for this Louisville staff. Did you feel the Love? How hard did they come at you to flip?

ABThe love coming from Louisville was crazy and I most definitely felt it. They were coming at me for weeks about flipping and I knew for sure the wanted me.

CSZ –  Do you have a most memorable high school moment? It can be on or off the field.

AB My most memorable high school moment I would say was after my House was destroyed by a hurricane. I received my first offer. Gave me a sign of hope from God that better days are coming.

CSZ –  Any hobbies or other skills that you care to share?

ABI do track and field – throw the disc and shot put. I’m great at NBA 2k, get at me!

CSZ –  Are you close with any of the members of your signing class?

ABJarret Jackson and Allen Love  - those my boy’s there. Waiting on Jay Hawkins to sign in February.

CSZ –  Any message you want to send to all of Cardnation?

ABCard nation, The future is bright, you all will remember the name –  Adonis “Dondeezy” Boone. God bless!

As Always, GO CARDS!


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