Louisville’s Bubble Watch (CSZtology)

We are not used to being on the bubble. this feeling sucks. I know though if we had taken care of business then we aren’t worried about that right now. It also was much easier to figure out B.Q. (Before Quadrant) but in the end all we really want is to be selected tomorrow for the tournament. I have spent all morning talking to my expert bracketologist Mr. S and we have come up with who CardNation needs root for to help improve our resume. You won’t like them all. I will explain the who’s, what’s & where you can watch them today. First up…

WAC Men’s Tourney Final:

Grand Canyon


New Mexico St

10pm ESPNU

For this one the explanation is easy. A tourney title for GC can improve UofL’s numbers & it also helps that NMST is not on the bubble so this one is one that could really help out UofL.


PAC-12 Tournament Final




10pm FS1


USC is not a traditional bubble team but if the committee takes USC resume and compares it against UofL then we have a great argument. Cheer for Arizona in this instance.


ACC Tournament final




This one could just help as far as RPI and moving our FSU Q2 victory up to a Q1 since they defeated UNC. Let’s go Heels!


THE AAC Semi-finals

Wichita vs Houston


Cincy vs Memphis


It would help UofL for Memphis to win today and then lose tomorrow keeping a stolen bid out of play. Do we feel like the Wichita/Houston winner can take down Memphis? prolly. Go Memphis but then forget you….


Big East Tournament Final




Go Villanova and knock Providence onto the bubble. Yuck, that’s two times that I have almost had to say Go Wild….nevermind. Speaking of them though…..



SEC Semifinal





Roll the tide….that’s all. We could get help from a rpi bump.


A-10 Semifinals

URI vs Saint Joes


St. Bonnies vs Davidson


The perfect storm would be—-> URI over SJU—->Davidson over SBU—–> URI over Davidson. As long as SBU or URI win that prevents another bid stealer.



Ok. I hope I have given you a little more clarity into what we need to happen this weekend. It looks like we need cats to run wild (I’m sorry) and a perfect storm to make the tourney. Let’s buckle up and get ready for a post season run no matter run!


Go Cards!


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