New Coach, Who Dis?


I was 9 years old the last time the University of Louisville hired a coach for basketball. I was in 2nd grade, I wasn’t allowed to have my ears pierced, I still hadn’t played a real game of volleyball, my hair had never been highlighted and The Backstreet Boys were all I listened to. Yet, I somehow vividly remember watching non flat-screen TV and watching Tom Jurich introduce Rick Pitino as the new head coach.

I was 26 the next time the University of Louisville hired a head coach for basketball. I am an alumni of the University of Louisville, three months away from graduating with my master’s degree, I have retired from volleyball, my hair has been almost every color imaginable and the Backstreet Boys are doing a reunion tour. I watched Chris Mack’s introductory press conference on my smart phone that is a handheld computer.

I am part of a generation who barely remembers UofL basketball before Rick Pitino. I am part of the generation who only remembers UofL being a powerhouse – Tom Jurich was named the Athletic Director of UofL when I was just 5 years old.

Yesterday was historic for a lot of reasons, but it was also a much needed fresh start. UofL basketball is special. It is no secret that the last few months (years) have been tough, but it is time to move forward. Chris Mack is the much needed breath of fresh air that not only the program needed, but the university deserved.† Change doesn’t always have to be bad, even if it is scary. Having someone new as the face of UofL basketball (besides David Padgett, who I respect beyond words), is going to be okay.†This whole process was new for everyone, not just people my age, but for the first time in a while – the fan base feels united.

Today is the first day of the lighting bolt that is Chris Mack.

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