UofL Football Picks Up Commitment From 2019 KY Offensive Lineman


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UofL Football picked up another commitment from an in-state recruit tonight in Jack Randolph from Franklin-Simpson High School in Franklin, KY.

Randolph, a 6’3 290 lbs OT chose UofL over offers from Cincinnati, EKU, Georgia State, Morehead State, and Middle Tennessee State. He also had interest from Purdue, Vanderbilt, and WKU. UofL’s primary recruiter for Randolph was Offensive Line Coach and Co-offensive Coordinator Mike Summers per

Randolph is a massive OT that also has athleticism. Once he engages in a block, he loves to keep blocking until the whistle blows.

Many times in the run blocking, Randolph will just swallow a defenders up and drive them backwards for yards or send them to the ground. His athleticism allows him to pull from the tackle position. He’s got good speed, good footwork, and agility to get to his block when pulling and destroy any defender.

His footwork is also evident in pass blocking. He’s able to keep smaller quicker defenders in front; often beating them to the point of attack at the snap.

Once Randolph gets his hands on a defender, his strength and ability to get leverage completely take the defender out of the play. He either stands them up or sends them in a heap to the ground.

Randolph’s blocking and attitude remind me of incoming freshman Adonis Boone or current Cardinal Cole Bentley. It’s clear UofL is looking for big, physical, athletic offensive linemen with a mean streak.

I would not be surprised to see Randolph possibly move to the interior and play OG, but with his athleticism, he may stick at OT. Regardless, Mike Summers got himself a young man who has quite a bit of potential.

Check out Jack Randolph’s Hudl highlights below and see what you think.


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