UofL Is Reentering 2018 G Courtney Ramey’s Recruitment

Photo Courtesy of rivals.com

It was about a week ago that UofL Head Coach Chris Mack announced that UofL was no longer recruiting 2018 4 Star PG and former UofL commit Courtney Ramey.

Many UofL media and fans were caught off guard that Mack mentioned a recruit by name and thought that definitively ended UofL’s pursuit of Ramey.

Well, apparently things have changed dramatically as UofL has reentered the pursuit of Courtney Ramey.

This is huge news for UofL. Ramey averaged 21.8 points per game, 6.7 rebounds per game, 6.6 assists per game, and 1.4 steals per game for his high school team last year while shooting 48.7% from the field and 39.2% from 3 point range per stlhighschoolsports.com.

It seems obvious Ramey wants to be at UofL just based off the fact he’s allowing the entire UofL coaching staff to visit him on Wednesday. His size, athleticism, and game seem like they would work wonderfully in Mack’s system.

It remains to be seen if Ramey will re-commit and ultimately end up at UofL, but, at least to me, this seems like a match made in basketball heaven. It would give the Cards a highly touted and hotly recruited prospect at a position of need while giving Ramey the chance to play at the school he seems to have loved all along.

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