UofL Football Is Trying To Win The State In 2019: Aidan Robbins Commitment May Set The Victory In Motion


Just about every coach in the NCAA wants to take care of home first (from basketball to soccer). They all speak about how important it is to win the recruiting battle and keep the good and special players home. The same goes for Louisville’s Bobby Petrino, Pete Nochta, Ryan Beard, and the rest of the coaching staff.

This year is no different; especially with all the talented young men coming from the state just within the 2019 class. This class arguably has the talent to rival any class to come before it: the 2003 class (Michael Bush), 2004 class (Brian Brohm and Mario Urrutia) and the 2013 class (James Quick, Kyle Bolin and Jason Hatcher).

The 2019 class might not have the household names like previous classes, but as a whole it’s deeper and has a few players who could become household names by the end of their senior year.

Aidan Robbins (who just announced his commitment to UofL), JJ Weaver, Milton Wright, Stephen Herron Jr., Jared Casey, Shawnkel Knight-Goss, Demontae Crumes, and Ricky Barber are all in the Louisville area and help make up the deep and talented 2019 class.

Aidan Robbins is one of those players the state of Kentucky doesn’t see too often. Sure we’ve had talented wideouts (DeVante Parker, James Quick, and Mario Urrutia) and talent at the quarterback position. Not since the likes of Michael Bush have we seen such a fluid athlete, strong but quick, and able to carry the rock from the tail back position like Robbins. He’s a special player, one that will really upgrade Louisville’s backfield.

Robbins may be what UofL needs to start the ball rolling to win the state this year because he is close with a few of the aforementioned players atop Louisville’s wish list in the state. Make no mistake, the bonds between recruits can be a very powerful ally in recruiting.

If there ever was a year when the Louisville coaching staff wants to build a wall around the state, this is the year and the class to do it. Make no make mistake about it, Louisville is trending upward and on it’s way to being an elite program. However, we’ve got to win our state every year. And with Robbins now in the fold for UofL, he can help try to recruit some of his friends to join him at the hometown university.

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