Who Will UofL Football Be Getting With A Commitment From Aidan Robbins?

Aidan Robbins
Photo Courtesy of Aidan Robbins Twitter Account (@theaidanrobbins)

Today at 1:45 pm, 3 Star RB Aidan Robbins will be choosing the college he will continue his football playing career at. What many may wonder is what kind of player would UofL be getting? What style of RB is he? Can he contribute immediately? Well, let’s delve a bit into what Aidan Robbins will bring to UofL should he commit.

Aidan Robbins
Photo Courtesy of Aidan Robbins’ Hudl Acc

His Power and Strength

Aidan is as powerful a RB as you will find anywhere in the country. He’s a professional tackle breaker; a player you will see collect a ton of yards after contact. He’s a throw back to the types of RBs Bobby Petrino used to bring in. Robbins body and frame appear ready for the rigors of the ACC. I wouldn’t doubt he could get playing time as a freshman depending on what UofL’s depth looks like at RB.

Ball Security Won’t Be an Issue with Him

Fumbles have been an issue lately for UofL. Ball security is of the utmost importance for a RB who will carry the ball and be hit a lot. Aidan Robbins, once he has the ball in his hands, has it locked down like Fort freaking Knox. Mr. Robbins has only had 1, that’s right, 1 fumble in his entire high school career.

He Recognizes Holes and Possesses the Acceleration to Burst Through Them

Robbins possesses excellent vision when running. As soon as he is handed the ball, he identifies the correct hole, and hits it with a burst of acceleration. Even if a LB quickly fills the hole, Robbins size combined with this burst allow him to bust through the tackle.

Aidan Robbins
Photo Courtesy of Manual Redeye/Cicada Hoyt

He’s A Workhorse

Robbins averaged around 16 carries a game last year and 12 carries a game throughout his entire career at DuPont Manual. He’s a durable, dependable, and tough runner. You can give him the ball a ton and expect productivity. He has averaged about 3.6 yards a carry throughout his career per maxpreps.

He Has Breakaway Speed

If Robbins gets into the open, he has the speed to break long runs. Though he likes to run between the tackles more often than not, he can run sweeps and stretch plays. That speed allows him to get to the edge and get up field.

Many High Level Programs Covet Him

Robbins is coveted by many high major programs that have had recent success. Jeff Brohm at Purdue, South Carolina, and Ole Miss to name a few. His talent and potential are evident nationally and for UofL to keep him home would be wonderful.

Aidan Robbins Is An Excellent Student in the Classroom and Possesses Great Character

There’s no worry about Aidan Robbins not being able to qualify. His GPA is a 3.8 and he scored a 26 on his ACT.

There’s never been a whiff of issues off the field. This young man is highly intelligent, studious, and a model citizen.

Aidan Robbins
Photo Courtesy of Aidan Robbins Twitter Account (@theaidanrobbins)

He Has Been A UofL Fan All His Life

Why is this important? Well, because if he chooses UofL it will mean he wants to be here. It’s not to say that other committed players from other states won’t want to give their all because they will. It’s just that a local player who grew up loving UofL will appreciate the opportunity immensely to suit up for his hometown squad in front of hometown fans. He will appreciate the history of the program and do all he can to make history of his own. It will mean the world to him to be a Cardinal, if he indeed chooses UofL.

So, what UofL will get if Aidan Robbins commits is a powerful, durable, sure-handed RB. A player that is very smart and will be not just a student of the game, but a student in the classroom.

UofL will get a player with a personality much like a Reggie Bonnafon and a playing style much like a Michael Bush or Eric Shelton. Robbins could potentially start immediately as his body is already college ready.

Most importantly, they will get a player that knows the history of UofL Football; a player who understands the honor it is to be able to don the colors of a team he was a fan of growing up.

Make no mistake, getting Aidan Robbins isn’t just getting a random 3 Star RB, it’s getting a uber talented player that has had UofL in his heart his entire life. A player that has the size, skill, and potential to represent both the city and the university at the next level.


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