Louisville Women’s Basketball Eyeing Top 10 2019 Recruit

Rickea Jackson
Photo Courtesy of Rickea Jackson’s Twitter Account (@iamthathooper)

Here Ye! Here Ye! Look who’s coming down the pipe this time. Jeff Walz and your UofL women’s basketball staff are at it again. This time, they are knocking on the door of 5 star 6’3 wing Ms Rickea Jackson. Could this be a good time now to mention she’s the number 9 rated player in her class?

Rickea Jackson is the number 9 ranked player in her class for now. She can easily move into a top five spot by the end of her senior year at Detroit Edison Public Academy – she’s that good folks. Jackson also has a very impressive list of schools, as she is wanted by just about every Division 1 program.

The do-it-all Jackson is spectacular in the open floor, in fact she’s spectacular in just about every phase of the game (passing, dribbling, shooting, rebounding, and defense). 

Louisville isn’t looking to rebuild anymore: they are in reload mode. There is no better weapon to reload with other than Rickea Jackson!

Jackson’s athleticism is second to none. With her 6’3 frame she can do a lot of damage in the post and from the mid range. Rickea also has a nice array of post moves that she can use to counter defenders if they try to smoother her in the mid-range area. The Detroit Edison star is almost an instant mismatch every time she steps on the court. She uses her impressive wingspan to be a force on the defensive end and also on the offensive and defensive boards. Jackson is a quick leaper and has a very quick first step for anyone, despite being 6’3. 

Ms. Jackson possesses so many different skills, but scoring and her ability to compete are probably her best and most attractive assets. 

Mick McCabe of the Detroit Free Press wrote an article on Jackson that helps to understand her competitive nature.

McCabe wrote, “The fourth quarter of a Class C semifinal game was about to begin when Detroit Edison junior Rickea Jackson had a heart-to-heart talk with the best player in the state, which just so happens to be Rickea Jackson.”

McCabe then quoted Rickea Jackson:

“I had on my mind we’re going to get this win,” she said. “I was determined to beat this team. They come to our games and scout us, study us. It just made me more hungry to beat them.

“At the beginning of the fourth quarter I told myself: ‘You’re going to be the one to end this.’”

Rickea ended up with 25 points and 7 rebounds in a 50-39 victory for her team according to the article.

Jeff Walz and his staff have been working tirelessly in reloading the roster for years to come by adding highly skilled players at all positions with length and height on the wings and in the posts. Rickea Jackson fits the mold coach Walz is looking for. Watch out #CardNation if Coach Walz and staff are able to secure her commitment we could have a player similar to former Louisville player and current WNBA player Myisha Hines-Allen, just a lot more athletic.

2 Replies to “Louisville Women’s Basketball Eyeing Top 10 2019 Recruit”

  1. Louisville has hardly been in a rebuild mode for quite some time now. Have you even seen them play? And you are saying 6’3″ rarely is fast or can produce a quick first step. Stick writing about something you understand, because it’s obvious you have no idea what UofL women’s basketball or women’s basketball in general is about. Did you ever hear of Cortnee Walton? Kylie Shook?

    1. Sir, Louisville has never really been in reload mode. They always had players on the roster than can step in. Next year unless they land some serious firepower they will be in rebuild mode. I’ve seen both Walton and Kylie, heck I had classes with Courtney. For you to think that either one of them has or had a quick first step is absurd. Watch game film, they are slow. I love Kylie, but she isn’t beating anyone off the dribble. How about you watch a few games with me, I’m in section 120 just about every game.

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