2020 JUCO 3 Star OT Trevor Reid Joins Cards As 19th Commitment

Trevor Reid
Photo Courtesy of @trevorreid70 Twitter Account

On Tuesday, UofL added another OL to their 2020 class in the person of 2020 JUCO 3 Star OT Trevor Reid.

The 6’5 265 lbs Reid is the second commitment from Georgia Military College after his teammate Marvin Dallas previously committed. Reid’s only other offer was from Western Kentucky. ILB Coach Dale Jones was Reid’s primary recruiter per 247sports.

Reid is a long, strong, and has quick feet. Reid falls in line with what Dwayne Ledford seems to have favored in his recruits; athletic yet strong blockers. It also appears UofL thinks he may be able to come right in and compete for immediate playing time.

So, what might the UofL coaches have seen in Reid? His highlights show a potentially excellent pass blocker and a very good run blocker. Reid finishes blocks well, pushing and driving guys into the ground. He’s able to move his feet well, keeps his arms extended, and uses his hands well; especially in shutting down speed rushers.

Pass Protection

Reid shines in pass protection. He’s very good at moving his feet at the snap and anticipating where the pass rusher is going to go. He beats them there and then proceeds to stonewall them. I do love how he is strong enough to be able to push a rusher into the ground on certain blocks.

Quick movement is where his potential is truly at. He may be one of the quickest linemen in UofL’s class. This quick movement is why he is truly such an effective pass protector.

He appears to have a good base when pass blocking and is balanced. Reid won’t get pushed to the ground. He’s able to move quickly and effectively, keeping the rusher in front of him.

Reid has pretty long arms and keeps them extended when engaged in pass blocking. This allows him to control the rusher and almost dictate where he will go.

Run Blocking

As a run blocker, Reid is very good at staying low, maintaining his leverage, and putting guys on the ground.

His athleticism shows here as well in the screen game. There’s a screen play about 20 seconds in to his highlight video. He’s lined up at LT. At the snap, he pretends to pass block then breaks out into the open ahead of the RB. Once out there he identifies his block. Then he manhandles the poor defender; almost rag dolling him. It was maybe his most impressive highlight because it showcases all his skills.

His highlight at the 38 second mark is one that truly showcases his strength as a run blocker. Once again lined up at LT, the play is going right. At the snap, the DE lined up across from Reid attempts to beat him to the inside. Reid has none of it. He immediately slides and gets his hands on the DE. He then proceeds to just shove him to the ground. The play highlights his quick feet and his strength.

Finishing Blocks

Reid, like his 4 fellow commits, loves finishing blocks. Many of Reid’s highlights consist of him driving or pushing opponents right into the ground. In fact, more often than not he just shoves them into it. To me, that’s impressive because it shows just how strong his upper body is.

It’s obvious he enjoys bullying defenders; relishing punishing them with violent shoves and drives into the dirt. To me, it almost seems that if his block isn’t finished in this fashion, Reid is disappointed and I, for one, love that.

Trevor Reid is an off the radar guy, but his highlights show a player with a great deal of potential. 6’5 265 lbs OT that move like Reid does and show the raw strength he does are intriguing prospects. Under Dwayne Ledford’s tutelage, there’s a good chance UofL has a solid starter.

With Trevor Reid’s commitment, UofL maintains it’s ranking as the 21st best class in the country on 247sports. Who will join the Cards next?

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