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Louisville vs Wake Forest 2018 (63 of 75)

I am back from vacation and now 100% committed to Louisville football. I’ll be busy reading everything I can get my hands on, talking to anyone associated with the program and getting any information I can get to better help bring you everything you need to know to get you ready for this season.

On July 22nd, we will post our first installment of our annual position breakdown series. My annual game by game predictions will posted on August 8th. Throughout the next 7 weeks leading up to game 1, we will be bringing you as much coverage as possible – Including possible breakout players, players to watch and offensive and defensive MVP’s.

Las Vegas released its college football over/under win totals. Louisville was awarded a win total of 3.5. Vegas is usually very close so the experts think Louisville will win 3 or 4 games this season. However, Last season Louisville was predicted to win 7 games while App State had a predicted betting line win total of 8.5. We all know the Louisville ended up with 2 and App State won 10 regular season games and notched their 11th win with a New Orleans Bowl victory.

Forecasting a 7 or 8 win season for Louisville would solely be based on being a Louisville fanatic – so beware. Don’t set yourself up for disappointment by raising your expectations. I’ll give you my predictions as soon as I’m done evaluating every team on our schedule but by using the facts and stats from last season, it’s extremely tough to predict anything higher than 5 wins and lower than 2.

Louisville vs Wake Forest 2018 (28 of 75)

The forecast I want to give you for this upcoming season doesn’t really have anything to do with wins and losses. It’s more about evaluating how far along the program is with the culture change.

I’m here to tell you that you will see effort. You will see players congratulating teammates for a good play and consoling them when something unfortunate happens. You will see players helping each other up off the ground. You will see pain and heartache when they lose and joy when they win. You will hear players give credit to teammates for big plays as well as players sharing the blame for a loss. You will see men of character competing for their University and not just for themselves. You will see men who are trying their best to emulate their mentors, role models also know as the coaching staff.

If we all see what I think we will see, then this season will be a success. A success not measured by wins but rather by change. Coach Satterfield said in his opening press conference that it takes about a year to change a culture and once it’s changed, wins will take care of themselves.

I’m giving him this season with no expectations of wins but in year 2, I’ll need to see a bowl game and year 3 should yield 8-10 wins. Around 10 wins a year should be the norm for this program. If you are just happy with 6 wins on a yearly basis then I suggest you move east.

As Always, GO CARDS!


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