Quick Hit5er5 (8-21-19)


Welcome to this week’s episode of #QuickHit5er5!

This week I will update you about Papa 55, we will talk favorite Louisville Football games, remind you of a few things coming up, and much more! Here is #QuickHit5er5…

First off, I want to thank all of you for your thoughts and prayers and the love and support you sent his way. He was very happy and overwhelmed to see it once he came off of the vent and regained consciousness. As of this morning, he has also been moved to a regular room. Thank you all for letting me vent and thank you for caring. Now he’s awake and ready for football. Did somebody say Football?

Yesterday it was announced that the Scott Satterfield Show will begin on Tuesday, August 27th at the Tumbleweed by Bashford Manor Mall. You can check out the details here.

We have a ton of content dropping the next few weeks leading up to Football season! Not only will I be sharing my favorite Louisville Football games of all time, but we have the following coming up too:

8-22: NunnSense

8-26: Our last PxP breakdown will release on the QB’s.

8-27: Nunn will take you back in time.

8-28: We will have a comprehensive list of all of our breakdowns this summer.

8-29: The CSZ Staff predictions. Spoiler: Higgy thinks we will possibly go undefeated.

8-30: JK will start season 3 of Everything You Need To Know, but his 4th season of previews. I say this with as little bias as possible; he’s top 3 in the state at breaking down games and its not even close.

8-31: CSZ Season predictions

Not to mention my top 10 favorite Louisville games will run from 8-22 all the way up until 9-1.

Plenty of content to keep you informed and busy.

Speaking of Luke, don’t forget that we will be recording the next CSZ-BRL Podcast very soon and hope to have it up around September 5th. Former Cards Asaad Ali and Colin Lyman will join us as guests too. This time from Big Red Louie we will have Jacob Lane and Alex Stengel. From CSZ, we will have our Baseball savant Justin Krueger. You will not want to miss it!

Photo Courtesy of @davidjohnson13

University of Louisville Basketball has been doing a great job this summer with the new basketball features such as Welcome to the Ville, Transformation Tuesday, and The Off-Season posts to name a few. Below you can see all three Welcome to the Villes plus some of the tweets from Transformation Tuesday and my favorite, The Off-Season:

Welcome to the Ville:

David Johnson

Samuell Williamson

Fresh Kimble

Transformation Tuesday:

The next time I ask Shawn to put something into a post instead of making me insert all of these Twitter links and he doesn’t, he’s fired….

The Off-Season:

Amazing stuff there!

Shout out again to my guy @replouisville and follow hm on Twitter. you can also catch him on the gram now at @werep247 on Twitter. He created the above plaque for our guy Derek Anderson! His skills are unmatched. Check him out!

Derek will love being tagged in a Louisville post. Lol. Congrats though for the Hall of Fame Induction. You deserved it.

I do want to thank you all for checking out the debut edition of the CSZ-BRL Podcast in July on hallaboutsports.com, Barnburner, and CSZ. Monster numbers just like the old CSZ podcast days. Over 9k so far! I continue to be very proud and humbled.

Don’t forget to follow CSZ on Twitter at @CardSportZone, IG at @CardSportsZone, or make it Facebook official and like us there! You can also just go to CardinalSportsZone.com and subscribe to email notifications. Get some of the stories hours before the others!

Also CardNation, thanks again for the prayers. Until next time…This..is..Quick Hit5er5!

P. S.-It still was not quick, but I will still attempt to do it quicker next time. Love yall!

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