Top Ten University of Louisville Football Games: #10 1991 Fiesta Bowl

Happy Thursday CardNation! I know y’all are ready for some football because I’m ready for it. Over the next 10 days I will give you 10 games that are my personal favorites in my lifetime. (insert old joke here) They will not be in order, I repeat, they will not be in order. I can’t wait for the tweets that I get saying, “This isn’t the tenth best game ever!” I know, that’s what I meant. The ND game is a top ten favorite, but somebody else is going to break it down very soon. I digress…

First up is my very first memory and bowl memory of Louisville Football: The 1991 Fiesta Bowl. It was the 20th edition of the bowl. This was a huge yet controversial selection for us. The reason this bowl was huge in the first place is because Louisville had historically sucked.

The reason it was controversial is because of why we were selected. Arizona voters had rejected a paid holiday to honor the great Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Multiple teams declined an invitation to the Fiesta Bowl due to this before both Alabama and Louisville agreed. Both teams paid tribute to Dr. King and there was even a halftime show in his honor. I’m sure that made up for everything (sarcasm font).

The Cards came in the betting underdog, but put a 34-7 whoopin’ on the Tide. It started a 26 & 1/2 year undefeated streak against the Tide that ended last season in the opener (yes, I know, don’t kill the vibe).

The Cards scored in a myriad of ways. Passing Touchdown, Rushing Touchdown, XP, INT returned for a TD, and even a safety. The Cards put together one of the most complete games I’ve ever seen that day.

Enough of my babbling. Please enjoy the 1991 Fiesta Bowl..

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