CSZ Staff Predictions For The Notre Dame Game

Louisville vs GT 10-5-18 (2 of 71)

It’s sooooo close to the opening game that begins a new era of Louisville football. It’s a very exciting time and we (yes, I said we) start the season at home with a Blackout. We also start the season playing Notre Dame who is currently ranker #9. Hopefully our Cards can play well enough to move that ranking to double digits for the Irish.

That doesn’t mean that Louisville has to win, it just means the need to make this a really competitive game. We here at CSZ talked to Bryan Driskell football analyst of Blue and Gold Illustrated and he told us a little about the team and if he thought Louisville could win. We also talked to several member of our staff get a prediction on the game.

Here are the CSZ staff predictions:


Justin Krueger –  ND 38  UofL 21. Scott Satterfield usually gets one game every year where his team has played way above their heads, but it’s tough to see this being the one. Cards get an early score to pump the crowd up, but Ian Book solidifies himself as a possible Heisman candidate with three touchdowns. A late touchdown by Louisville in garbage time helps cover the spread.

Shawn BarbourND 35  UofL 17. Close until til 4 quarter when Notre Dame pulls away.

Samuel BasdenND 48 UofL 31I Am A UofL HOMER, I SEE THE WORLD THROUGH RED LENS!!!  Cards Keep it interesting in the 1st half 21-10 but ND pulls away.

Daniel SpencerND 28  UofL 23.  UofL will get the upper hand at first but can’t pull it out in the end….close game until 4th quarter.

Paige Sherrard I’m not superstitious, but I am a little stitious.

Mitch MotleyND 38  UofL 14

Higgy UofL 34  ND 31. Blanton hits the game winner.

Jacob Pratt ND 38  UofL 14.  We have a .01% chance. But where theres a chance, theres a possibility that exists. Louisville shows promise in their first game of the Satterfield era, we run efficiently and Pass has a very good day with no INT’s.

55ND 34  UofL 17. The game is close early. We may be up at the half. We rush for 250 yards as a team. But the line tires out late and that’s the difference.

Jeff NunnND 38  UofL 17. Bryan Driskell reminded us that, “from 2014 to 2017, the (ND) offense averaged 45.5 points in the openers and had margins of 33, 35 and 31 points. I think Louisville scores first but Notre Dame scores 4 unanswered touchdowns. We see effort and fight from the Cards. Louisville fans don’t get the win but get signs of hope that the program is headed in the right direction. We also get introduced to Javian Hawkins and Ty Tyler as they both have nice games. 



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