Quick Hit5er5: (8-29-19)

Welcome to this week’s episode of #QuickHit5er5!

This week I will update you about Papa 55, we will talk unwavering insanity, Basketball ‘crootin, rescheduling, and much more!

Here is #QuickHit5er5…

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UofL Basketball has a whole army of recruits on their way to the Ville this week. You can read about it here. I love that the Cards are on a roll and that roll is starting to feel like an avalanche. Awesome job by this staff. They’re even going after a legacy recruit. I talked to said recruit’s dad and we will have an update coming soon.

Dad is doing ALOT better and has been moved to a rehab center. He has almost returned to normal as he is almost back up to 20 calls a day. LOL. All jokes aside, I am very thankful for those calls. At least 3 of them. Thanks again for your prayers. I will keep you all updated as his journey continues.

Unwavering insanity. That’s when no matter what, you think your team will win. No matter the odds or circumstances. YOU…WILL…WIN.

Well I seem to be seeing a lot of that here lately. Even though there is nothing wrong with it, sometimes you just have to be realistic.

This is a top 10 team coming to town that absolutely reloaded on defense. If you don’t believe me, check out what their beat writer had to say.

This isn’t BC. This isn’t WF. This isn’t even uk. This is Notre Freakin Dame. I am telling you that we may play close. We may have the heart and effort to beat them. However, it takes more than 8 months to undo 4 years of bad habits and damage. I love my Cards, but ND will pull ahead in the second half and win by two touchdowns. We just don’t have the depth fam. We don’t. Love ya’ll.

With all of that being said it could mean only one thing: the Cards buy in quicker than most think and win the game by a FG. Lol.

It could happen…you never know.

We were supposed to have the CSZ-BRL podcast recorded today and ready for your listening pleasure next week. However unforeseen circumstances caused us to reschedule and we will keep you posted on a redo date. Thank you to Asaad, Colin, and the people’s champ Luke Smith for understanding.

This is starting to feel a little bit like the old 55 pieces. I am ok with that. To check out any of those go to the top of the main page and search 55. you will not be disappointed.

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Speaking of IG…

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Before I bounce, check this out!

Awesome repping of the Ville and the music is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Plus they put Russdiculous in the video…nice! That’s 3 goats!

Also CardNation, thanks again for the prayers. Until next time…This..is..Quick Hit5ers!

PS-This was a lot quicker!


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