CSZ Staff Predictions For Louisville Football 2019-20 Season

It’s that time of the year where we at CSZ give our opinions and try to be experts. It seems like the majority of us are expecting a rebuilding year, which is ok. A few of us somehow see 6 wins and a bowl opportunity. Who thinks what? Check it out below!

Mitch Motley –  3-9 but 7 of the 9 losses are competitive. Only lopsided losses are Notre Dame and Clemson. Satterfield has the team heading in the right direction and the Cards will be bowl bound in the 2020-21 season.

Shawn Barbour 5-7. Cards get WKU, EKU, and upset FSU. The other two wins come from a group of Wake, BC, VA, or UK. Likely BC and Wake.

55 – The Cards will have a successful year but it won’t add up to a ton of victories on the field. It will set up for a bunch of future wins however this will be the foundation for great things to happen here. We will get 6 wins with a season ending W in Lexington.  We will defeat the directional schools plus uk. BC, Wake & Virginia will return to being our cupcakes. Jawon, Javian, and Dez will all have good years and eclipse last years statistical totals. The Defense will be top 50 this year too. Coach Satterfield and the team can turn it around this quick. When he gets it all the way figured out.. Watch out …

With that being my official predictions, that means we will win 8 and you all will tell me about it. I would be fine with that. Go Cards..

Jeff NunnCards definitely beat EKU, WKU and BC. They have a decent chance to beat Wake. If the Cards upset anyone it will be Syracuse. Definite losses are Notre Dame and Clemson. Not likely to beat Miami, FSU, Virginia and NC State. I’ll reserve judgement on the season finale until closer to the game but as of now, it looks like a loss. It appears that the Cards could start the season at 3-2 and finish at 4-8. They play much better and competitive football in the second half of the season despite only winning 1 (possibly 2) more game(s). I say either 3-9 or 4-8

Paige SherrardI’m not superstitious, but I am a little stitious.


ND) Cards Keep it interesting in the 1st half 21-10 but ND pulls away 48-31

EKU) UofL 41-17

WKU) UofL 35-21  

FSU) UofL 35-28 

BC) UofL 31-17

Here is Where The Schedule Gets Extremely Challenging for UofL, but because of the momentum and rest coming of the bye week UofL squeaks out a good victory to become one step closer to Bowl Eligibility.

WF) UofL 38-31

Clemson 45-24 

UVA 24-17 as much as it pains me to say this, but UofL doesn’t become bowl eligible vs UVA

Mia) MIA 28-20

NC.St) UofL can’t right the ship and puts up a lackluster effort in a loss. NC. State 31-17

Syracuse) Syracuse comes into town and shows why they will be one of the top offenses in the country. Syracuse 42-27

Battle Of The Bluegrass, Louisville desperately comes in this game needed a Win for Bowl Eligibility. Starving for a Win to end the Losing Streak and Foaming At The Mouth to Avenge last year’s beat down at the hands of uk. UofL pulls this one out on the road 31-27 Coach Satterfield gets his first win vs uk and is bowl eligible in his first season at UofL. #GoCards

Justin Krueger4-8

Cards will have some life on offense and should be better on defense, but the path to bowl eligibility will depend on them capitalizing on the front half of the schedule.

Higgy 6-6

This season is going to have a lot of ups & downs. I understand last season was rough but Puma will turn it around just like defense will be great once again! Dez & Hasan Hall will each have 1000 yard seasons. The only thing that concerns me like everyone else is the depth. The depth might not be issue early in the season but toward of the end season that will be the major issue. I still think we can make a bowl because this team has a lot of talent that was shown last season.

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